Are Guns Really the Problem?

Almost 2 years ago I started taking my boys to the gun range. I thought it would be an interesting father son bonding activity to do. They loved it and really got into learning how to properly handle a gun. Safety was always a concern and properly showing them how to... -Read More

Spaces: Where Are You And Where Do You Want To Be?

I recently heard a pastor who was talking about three spaces: the first space is where people are like you, the second space is where you have connections with others who may not be like you, and the third space is an environment where you have no relationships. He referenced the... -Read More

Necessary Endings for New Beginnings

This time of year most people are starting things new: fitness programs, a new diet or health plan, starting new relationships or drawing closer to God. New commitments, fresh motivation and renewed resolutions take place all over the world as we start a new year. Of course, I have a few... -Read More

Life with God Is an Amazing Race

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the reality TV show “The Amazing Race,” in which teams of two people race around the world in competition with other teams, but it’s one of my wife’s favorites. She loves to travel and see all the amazing places and the cultures of each... -Read More

Freedom and Forgivenes

I recently was interviewed by a reporter regarding a new U.S. law that may affect small business owners’ websites and how they comply with accommodations for people with disabilities. There are a lot of existing laws that already make it very difficult to run a small business without the burden of... -Read More