Prayer and the Path of Life

By: Dr. Michael Allen Sometimes pastors point out that a person’s checkbook says quite a lot about them: their priorities, their loves, their values. That’s surely true. Perhaps not so frequently mentioned is that our prayers serve as a barometer of sorts regarding our loves and passions. What do we pray about?... -Read More

Four Keys to Understanding the Bible

By: Dr. Sam Lamerson Whether you have been in church your entire life or are brand new to the faith, you will undoubtedly, at times, encounter Bible passages that are difficult to understand. The scriptures themselves speak of this, as the Apostle Peter says, “. . . just as our beloved... -Read More

Searching for Deeper Faith

In 2010, pastor and award winning author Jim Belcher took his family to Europe for one year, seeking rest and renewal for himself and a deeper faith for his family. Through travel and the study of more than a dozen heroes of the faith, he wanted to introduce his four children... -Read More

God is like Jesus

By: Dr. Jono Linebaugh During a battle on the European continent in 1944, a chaplain came upon a fatally wounded solider. The dying man only had enough life left to ask one question. Starring into the chaplain’s eyes in that final moment before his would forever close, he asked, “Father, is... -Read More

Becoming Real

Dr. Michael Allen Oftentimes we overlook the obvious. We search our houses for glasses we are already wearing. We scan what seems to be the whole cosmos for keys that were right where they should be. And, far more serious, in important discussions about the Christian life, we manage to avoid... -Read More

You are the Woman at the Well

By: Dr. Warren Gage “Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us this well?” (John 4:12) The sun was climbing high to midday, bright and hot, as she stepped outside with her empty water jar. There would be no one else at the well at this hour. Most women... -Read More

A Helper Suitable

Dr. Warren Gage Good News The Bible begins with a wedding, and ends with a wedding. Genesis opens with a garden wedding near a river alongside of which grows the Tree of Life. Revelation closes with a garden wedding near a river alongside of which grows the Tree of Life. God’s... -Read More

Between “Once Upon a Time” & “Happily Ever

By: Dr. Warren Gage “The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who arranged a marriage for his son…” (Matthew 22:2). Children love fairy tales. Grown-ups, too, never seem to outgrow the charm of folk tales. We are made that way. Simply read a bedtime story to children and watch... -Read More