Nick Vujicic Brings Hope and Healing

“As a kid, I never thought that anything good could ever come from my broken pieces….you know, I went to school and kids would look at me and be like ‘what happened,’ and I go ‘cigarettes’ (audience laughs),” Nick Vujicic, evangelist, author, speaker, and president of Life Without Limbs, said with comic... -Read More

Resolution Sheds Light on Link Between Porn and Sex Trafficking

Florida lawmakers are pushing for a resolution to declare pornography a health crisis. As our state advances in this process, at least five others have moved ahead and passed resolutions acknowledging the public health crisis that pornography creates, according to They are Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia. The... -Read More

Community Brings Hurricane Relief

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, South Floridians, nonprofits and church communities are giving intentionally to bring relief to the hardest hit areas in the Keys and Puerto Rico. As the Acts 2 Church shared its possessions “with all, as anyone might have need” (Acts 2:45), so are faith-based... -Read More

Community Comes Together to Rebuild Low-Income Homes

Home improvement has taken on a whole new meaning with Rebuilding Together. “Christianity is more caught than taught,” said Chris Reny, senior pastor of Church by the Sea. “It is about letting your life speak.” Reny, among other Christian leaders, joined Rebuilding Together Broward County to upgrade low-income homes in April... -Read More