How to Parent Foolishly

Twenty-one years old, I sat holding my six-day-old baby. I realized that, quite frankly, I had made a mess of my life up to now. The only thing I had gotten right so far was convincing this wonderful man next to me that I was a catch worth keeping, and somehow... -Read More

Love Letters

  Are you struggling with a child? Fighting? Every communication is just another botched attempt at reaching their heart or accurately portraying your love? Are they rolling their eyes when they see you coming, stiffening their stance, while in your heart you’re screaming, “Listen to me! I love you!” When every... -Read More

When We Love Them, We Fight for Them!

As parents, we will face countless trials and tribulations.  Sometimes the issues are small — sometimes they can spiral out of control.  As a mother there have been more times than I care to count where the possibilities were frightening, but the options were few. Many times my only option was…fight.... -Read More

Pretty Little Liars

At one point or another, as a parent there is a certainty that your child will lie to you. Guaranteed. If you haven’t caught junior in a whopper yet then either you’re blind to it or he’s not yet old enough to be speaking.   I remember telling fibs and outright... -Read More

Why I Don’t Want To Raise an Obedient Child

It’s funny the things people will ask me when they discover I have 15 children. Most times, the questions are a barrage of “How do you do it?” and “Don’t you know what causes that?” Sometimes the questions are heartfelt: “How did you get to adopt four children?” or “Why have so... -Read More

Rekindling the Father-Daughter Bond with Your Teen

It’s Valentine’s Day…a day where husbands (should) spoil their wives with chocolates and flowers — a sweet card full of gushy memories, a nice dinner out with your sweetheart — Ahhhhh…l’amour. Recently a father wrote me asking about how to relate to his teenage daughter. How can he read her, know... -Read More

Is My Example Good Enough?

A new mother wrote to me last week worried about whether she will be a good enough example to her child as he grows up. I remember entering into parenthood terrified myself. I hadn’t always walked with Jesus, and I believed in “bad kid karma.” You know, when your mother says... -Read More

Simplifying Christmas With 15 Kids

I know the feeling. It’s Christmas. And you want to give your kids the perfect family memory. Glowing tree, beautifully wrapped packages beneath it, matching pajamas and the sweet smell of something delicious wafting in from the kitchen. But the WORK! The sheer prospect of decorating, shopping, wrapping, and cooking up... -Read More