Christian Prayer Power

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Christian Prayer Power is a smartphone prayer request app for everyone who values prayer in their daily lives. Use the app to create your own personal private prayer circles by selecting people from your phone’s contact list and then when you want them to pray with you, you can send out a prayer request. And when your loved ones need the power of your prayers, they can send you prayer requests in return.

Here’s what some early users are saying about Christian Prayer Power:

“I’m so happy someone finally made a social app exactly for Christians!”
Susan T, Hales Creek OH

“I love that I can create my own personal Prayer Circle by choosing people from my phone’s contact list so we can share prayers.”
Mary C, Visalia CA

“This app helps me connect with young people who don’t come to my church so often, live their lives through their smartphones, but still need Jesus and still need the power of our prayers.”
Pastor O.P., Sparks NV

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