Handcrafted Keepsakes & Custom Apparel and Words of Wisdom, inspired by God
Located at Community Christian Church, 10001 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac, FL 33351.
  About God’s Girl Greetings
It all started with a desire to encourage my boss. He had lost his father and was devastated by it. He was such a nice man and I wanted something else to say to him than I was sorry. So I prayed to God and asked for words that would truly offer him comfort. Surprisingly, when God answered, it was in the form of a poem.
After scribbling it down on a sheet of paper, I bought a blank note card and wrote the poem neatly inside it, then gave it to him. The impact it had on him was humbling. God had fashioned that poem so perfectly, it described exactly how he was feeling. It was as if I was praying for him. It gave him comfort knowing that someone understood and that God was still a father to them both.
That was over 16 years ago. From then on, when I needed something special to say, I looked to the Lord. And as you can tell by now I kept everything I wrote.
So I encourage you today, if you do not find a card here that meets your needs, call on God. You may be surprised to see how he answers you!
Thank you for your support,
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