Gracepoint Church

Our vision at Gracepoint is to change the world one life at a time for the glory of God. At the heart of our vision, we believe that God’s movement begins at an individual level. Your “one life” matters! It matters to God and it matters to us. We seek to honor God by inviting you into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

WORSHIP. Through our worship services, we strive to integrate creativity, excellence, and passion to create an experience that draws people back…with a friend. The environment is light-hearted and warm. The message is encouraging and practical. The music is energetic and inspirational. We don’t strive to be edgy, and we are far from old-fashioned; we simply strive to provide an atmosphere for authentic, life-transforming worship.

FELLOWSHIP. Gracepoint is a place where people get connected in deep relationships. We are more than a friendly church; we are a place where people make friends. One of the greatest ways these friendships are fostered is through our Gracegroup Ministry. Get connected in a group and in little time you will find it’s more like a caring family than a study group. Gracepoint is a place where your relationship with God grows as you experience sticky fellowship.

LOVE. God’s love is radical and it inspires us to love radically. We seek to meet each other’s needs in our Gracepoint family and reach out with compassion to our community and the world in surprising and sacrificial ways that require faith.  Love is meant to be reflected. Through the power of God, we strive to imitate God’s generosity, forgiveness, patience, understanding, and unconditional love.

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