handyHANDY’s goal is to provide customized programs that meet the individual needs of a child that take them from early childhood to adulthood.


Since 1985, HANDY has transformed the lives of over 50,000 children and family members in Broward County. Each year, HANDY serves over 1,200 individuals per year. This includes youth ages nine-25, family members and caregivers in Broward County. Our award winning LIFE Program focuses on education, youth development and economic self-sufficiency. All youth receive assessments, academic planning and evaluations, case management, counseling and academic support. Program activities include tutoring, mentoring, social and recreational activities, emergency needs assistance for food, clothing, housing, education workshops, life skills training, post-secondary educational support, connection to internships, assistance with job placement, service learning projects and self-advocacy.

HANDY serves…

  • Children and youth ages nine to 25 years old, who have been removed from their homes due to domestic violence, substance abuse, physical and/or sexual abuse, and abandonment. These children have been placed in Foster Care, or Relative/Nonrelative Care to avoid them from entering the Dependency System.
  • Older youth who are aging out of the Foster/Relative Care System.
  • Youth who may be homeless or on the verge of homelessness.

mission is
to achieve
positive, lasting
change for youth
by providing
life skills,
education, and
a supportive


  • Youth who have been involved in the Juvenile Justice system.
  • Youth who identify as LGBTQ.
  • Crossover youth (youth that has been in the dependency and the Juvenile Justice systems).
  • Youth who are currently unemployed and/or been out of school for over a semester or have dropped out.

Located at 1717 North Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

For more information, call 954-522-2911 or visit https://www.handyinc.org/