Law Offices of Cynthia Arevalo

Our Mission

We care deeply about the relationships we share with our clients and about every detail of every matter, transaction and case that is brought or referred to us.  We take nothing for granted and sincerely appreciate each and every opportunity we get to share our expertise and provide our services to our clients.  “Going the extra mile” is nothing out of the ordinary for us and we know our clients appreciate that we are fully invested, with them, in achieving their objectives.

We specialize in expanding our client’s foreign corporation into the U.S. market and as a result we obtain immigration benefits for them.  Once we form their business and prepare their organization documents we work alongside them as their general counsel. Establishing a business and a residence in the U.S. then requires protecting those assets through proper estate planning.  Our primary focus is meeting our clients’ needs and desires without compromising integrity. 

You need more than a stack of paper to protect your and your family’s future.  To keep up with changes in the law to protect you and your family you need an ongoing relationship with an attorney who knows you and cares about you.  

We aim to be your family’s lawyer for life.