Neighborhood Kids Schools seeks to partner with parents to develop your child academically, socially, and spiritually so that they can fulfill their God-given potential.

Excellence: We strive to teach young children the importance of character and integrity along with academic excellence through superior and supportive early learning programs.

Growth: We promote an environment where all children grow their awareness and understanding of biblical principles of love, honesty, kindness, peace, self-discipline, and respect.

Potential: We believe that every child is created with unique gifts and talents that have the potential to make a positive impact in the world.  Our goal is to empower every child to discover that potential. We believe that a child’s greatest potential lies in developing their self-confidence and their skills within an encouraging and fun environment.

Partnership: We believe a collaborative relationship between Neighborhood Kids and parents is vital to the healthy development of every child’s social, emotional, educational, and spiritual growth. Through transparent communication along with parental engagement in activities and events, every child will achieve maximum opportunity for success in early childhood and beyond.

Truth: We believe that teaching every child about the truth of God’s love empowers them to become the person they were created to be.

Located at 2995 Greenbriar Boulevard Wellington, FL 33414

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