The vision of the Solid Rock Redemptive Ministries is to help perfect the body of Christ, bring souls into the Kingdom of God, help better our communities and cities by encouraging individuals through prayer and the word of God. Educate them in the areas of health, employment and bring restoration to marriages and families, deliverance and hope to those who are abused, bound by drugs, alcohol, oppression, depression, sickness and disease and those bound by the powers of the devil.

Solid Rock Redemptive Ministries and UCOS provide the following professional services for a moderate fee.

Sessions are centered on biblical principles.

  • Marriage/Premarital Consultations
  • Youth Consultations
  • Family/Group Consultations
  • Individual Consultations
  • Small-Group Sessions
  • Referrals and More . . .

Solid Rock Redemptive Ministries Church, Inc. is a 501 C (3) Organization.

Located at 19710 NW 33rd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33056

For more information, call 305-430-9850 or visit