Clinically Proven Superfood
Dilates Your Arteries
Improves Blood Flow*
The Gold Standard Resveratrol. Boost blood flow, circulation, and nitric oxide production.
We were born at the crossroads of raw food and technology, when a biologist and a grape specialist uncovered a way to offer an alternative to wine without wine’s excessive sugar and alcohol content. In 2001, their findings were confirmed in an article published by the prestigious scientific peer review journal Nature — “Endothelin-1 synthesis reduced by red wine.” The article demonstrated for the first time that the polyphenols found in wine, like Resveratrol, Tannins and Quercetin, were linked to inhibiting the synthesis of Endothelin-1 (ET-1), which constricts blood vessels. In other words, the polyphenols found in red wine help maintain healthy blood circulation. The real breakthrough however, came from nature itself when they discovered a dramatic shift in how to leverage nature through science by growing red grape cells in a nutrient solution (not soil) and cultivating the grapes into a fine powder without genetic engineering (Non-GMO).
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