Christian dance school showcases students’ God-given gifts

Award-winning dancer Dr. Constance McIntyre’s repertoire makes her seem like an over-achiever, but now she focuses on building up the gifts of others through the performing arts.

“My mom once said to me, ‘Yes, you can sing, you can play the piano and you can act, but you were called to dance!'” McIntyre recalls.

McIntyre, along with her husband Vincent, started the Called 2 Dance school so that each person who desired to serve God through the performing arts would have a place to train and showcase their gifts.

McIntyre has been teaching dance in Miami for more than two decades.

The McIntyre Institute, Called 2 Dance’s parent company, teaches many styles of dance including West African, tap, liturgical and even Pilates.

“All denominations are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you have a Catholic background, Jewish or Protestant. This is a Life of movement,” says McIntyre.

More than a dance school, McIntyre says she trains students in every aspect of education, including the areas of faith, academic excellence and behavioral excellence.

“Academics are a big part of the student’s success,” McIntyre says. “We’ve taught students since they were 5 years old, and now they are students at University of Miami and Harvard.”

“It’s amazing what happens to students when you place them on a stage,” she says. “Their grade point averages excel, and adult students grow and change, too. They often go from being a hurting individual to thriving in their relationships and careers.”

Not only does the group hold performances and conferences, there is a Called 2 Dance television show that reaches 55 million homes and 130 countries via the Word Network (Direct TV 373).

McIntyre credits her husband for much of the organization’s success.

“He’s a wonderful support and a visionary. … He cares for us as a pastor, keeps us in line and prays for us,” she says.

McIntyre’s husband also pastors Chapel of Prayer Church in Miami.

McIntyre says their impact on the students goes way beyond the classroom.

“Class may be out, yet Life happens way beyond that,” she says. “The children grow up with us, and we are a part of their lives as they are getting married, interviewing for jobs and having children of their own.”

On May 9 at 7 p.m., Called 2 Dance students will be the first faith-based group to perform at the Gusman Theater at 174 E. Flagler in Miami. After the performance, McIntyre will lead the Called 2 Dance National Liturgical Dance Conference this summer, July 16–19 in Miami. The conference is a national event for students older than 14 years old.

The group will also host summer programs in Broward County at Save the Nations church for students age 9 and up.

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