College students choose ‘friends with benefits’ sex

In a recent survery, 60 percent of college students said they had been in a “friends with benefits” relationship – a no-commitment sexual arrangement.

The study, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior and featured on, supports previous research on why students have these relationships. Researchers interviewed 125 students at Wayne State University and Michigan State University. The main “advantage” of such a relationship was the lack of commitment (said 59.7 percent of participants).

“[The relationships] were perceived as providing a relatively safe and convenient environment for recreational sex,” wrote Melissa A. Bisson and Timothy R. Levine, the study’s lead researchers.  Chad Hills, research analyst at Focus on the Family Action, said there is nothing casual about sex.

“Aside from long-term, social-chemical bonding processes that occur in the brain during sexual activity, risks are much higher for women,” he said. “This is not an activity to be denigrated outside marriage.”

Hills said “friends with consequences” would be a better term for the dangerous trend, with pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections among the likely outcomes.

“Emotionally, women are flattered by one-night stands, but reality sets in and often brings hollow regret,” he said. “In contrast, young men tend to want sex without obligation and worry little about the consequences.”


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