Deeply Rooted in the Goodness of God

Since January, the staff here in our office has been going through – as one person so eloquently put it – life. Losing a car, major pet surgery, family members in the hospital, injuries, sickness, hospital stays, roofing troubles, and I could go on. One thing that I have been amazed at is the continued smiles, and I continue to hope that all really is okay. 

We all have been there, when we think we have it tough. Then we hear about someone else’s life issues and walk away with our tails tucked between our legs realizing how insignificant our own problems are.

If we have deep roots in the goodness of God then the small day to day problems and issues of life won’t wear on us and bring us down. Focusing on God’s goodness shifts our focus off of the things that surround and come against us, and allows us to trust the God that has proven himself faithful time after time. Because he is really good, all of the time.

Last month, I witnessed firsthand an example of how someone can really be okay with whatever happens and not allow external things to destroy them. Last month, Justin, the editor of the Good News, literally walked away from his car. It broke down on the side of the road and he knew it was time to throw in the towel instead of spending a heap of money on costly repairs. Knowing that all would really be okay, his positive attitude and past experiences in life of the goodness of God allowed him peace to accept what had happened. Justin is a man I know to be deeply rooted in the goodness of God.

We all know those people in life that are living examples of certain attributes of God. The grace givers, peacemakers, compassionate lovers, humble hearted and so on. To me, the one thing they have that helps them daily show the goodness of God are the strong roots that anchor them. You don’t often see these people waver when life comes at them full force or through constant small attacks day after day.

In Matthew 13, the parable of the sower talks about how some seeds fell by the wayside, some in stony places, some among the thorns, and then some on good ground. The good ground is where we can really sink our roots in to get truly prepared for whatever life throws our way. It brings to mind when you are at the beach and the sand is that perfect cool temperature and you just bury your feet deep as you can go. It feels great! I know that might be a funny analogy, but if you know me I have lots of analogies. They all make sense to me.

The last few months have been so much fun for me as well. No, it hasn’t been easy, but God’s goodness has been amazing. I think I have worked more, slept less, loved my family more and experienced more through the first 60 days of the year than I would have ever expected.

This month’s issue, with a focus on missions, helps us all put things in perspective. When we consider the plight and daily sacrifices of others, we can clearly see how good we have it. God has been good to each of us reading this, and we know he has a plan of goodness and grace for us all. It is important that we focus on getting deeper and deeper in understanding his goodness.

Please drop me an email and let me know how you are experiencing the goodness of God today.

Grif Blackstone is the publisher of Good News, the largest Christian newspaper in Florida and president of Blackstone Media Group, a full service web design and marketing company. Grif has helped hundreds of businesses build an effective brand identity to help them communicate who they are to their target market.Email [email protected] or call 954-564-5378.


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