Finding God’s blueprint for your life

While the world fixes its gaze on the New York Stock Exchange, the U.S. Department of Treasury or the Obama administration to give them hope, a large number of South Floridians are discovering how their lives intersect with God’s purposes. They are not waiting for the future to happen to them – they are taking control.

“You’re called to ‘your calling’ whether it’s a recession or the economy is booming,” says Photographer Curtis Copeland, who recently completed a Blueprint for Life course.

Blueprint for Life is an organization that helps people discover their God-given talents and strategize how to use them in five major life categories: Spiritual, relational, physical, financial, and vocational.

For years, Mike Kendrick, founder of Blueprint for Life learned goal setting and personal performance from secular self-help gurus like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar. He marveled at the understanding these men had of psychology and harnessing the power of the mind to turn a life around, land promotions, build bank accounts and fill big houses with expensive toys.

But Kendrick lamented the clear absence of God and His purposes in the materials he read and listened to. He felt that there had to be a way to combine the very practical life skills and intentional living advocated by secular sages with the unique work God has given to those who call on the name of Jesus.

Blueprint for Life has a parallel purpose to its secular counterparts. The difference is that while secular outfits want to maximize potential for self improvement and productivity, Blueprint for Life wants to help people maximize their potential for eternal purposes.

“A blueprint is a rough draft, [a] picture of the end product seen by the architect. With a blueprint, suddenly, there’s a place to turn for reference when making key decisions,” said Blueprint for Life CEO Miguel Knuckey in a podcast available online.

Blueprint for Life furnishes Christians with tools to maximize his or her calling for greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

Blueprint for Life study groups are organized at many South Florida churches.

Bob Coy, pastor of Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale says “real transformation takes place in the human heart” as a result of Blueprint for Life curriculum on the organization’s website. At Calvary, 1,800 people have gone through the curriculum with noticeable results.

In Blueprint for Life promotional materials, Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Ga., asks, “Where do you want your life to end up? What do you want to look back on?” Curtis Copeland’s answer to that question is: “I want to leave a legacy.”

Intentional living
Blueprint for Life wants to help Christians live intentionally and passionately within the calling God has on their lives.

“Why had God purposely placed me here on this earth? What is His unique calling on my life? Can you think of something you’d love to do for God in your lifetime? Something you can only accomplish with God’s help? What would it look like if your passions (what you’re excited about), your giftedness (what you’re really good at) and your calling (God’s unique purpose for your life) were perfectly aligned?” asked Knuckey in the podcast.

To live out these passions and dreams for the Lord, Blueprint staff members believe you need a plan.

“Written plans – they help us recognize when we’re on track and when it’s time to take the next step,” added Knuckey.

Copeland explains that success for a follower of Christ is measured differently than the standard usually put forward by the world.

“I cannot benchmark my success against someone else’s definition of success. The benchmark is: ‘Well done good and faithful servant,'” he says.

Most importantly, Blueprint for Life facilitates the redefinition of relationships, Copeland says.

“The part that became lucid was that I wanted to work on my relationships. I wanted to be healthy and more fit so that I could be more useful in the service of God,” he says. “And I applied that concept to every area of my life.”

Blueprint for Life advocates intentional living and keeping Christians focused on moving forward in their relationship with God rather than reliving hurts and hindrances from the past.

“You can’t be flippant about your relationship with God; it must be nurtured,” says Copeland. “If you don’t have a relationship with God up and running, you might miss it when He changes your calling.”

Blueprint for Life helps people make a plan so they can take positive steps to pull their life out of the pit and onto the road to recovery.

“How you spend your life is of monumental importance. Therefore, your life blueprint should be designed from an eternal perspective. Not just a plan to get into heaven, but a plan to maximize your kingdom contributions and your rewards in heaven. Everything you do during your lifetime has the potential to impact your experience in eternity,” Knuckey continued in the podcast. “You need to think about taking your God-given talents and gifts and asking yourself, ‘How can I leverage these for God’s glory? How can I use my earthly assets to build God’s Kingdom? How can I be strategic about winning souls for heaven? How do I convert my earthly portfolio into a Kingdom portfolio?'”

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