Full House star grows up, gives God glory

If you have a tween son or daughter who likes old re-runs on TV, they would know her as Candace Cameron, the star who played DJ Tanner in the hit sitcom, “Full House.”

But Candace is all grown up and is now known to her family and friends as Candace Bure, after her marriage to former hockey player Valeri Bure.

But even as an adult, Candace has kept one foot in the Hollywood Film Industry. Her made-for-television movie, “Moonlight and Mistletoe,” aired on Nov. 29 on The Hallmark Channel. But Candace has kept the rest of her body firmly grounded in her home as a wife and mother.

Candace is also a Christian who has committed her life and her career to the Lord.

She enjoys making an impact on Hollywood and making the type of films that Christians want to see.

I recently sat down with Candace to talk with her about the impact that Christian filmmakers are having on the movies that are released and how Christians can truly impact Hollywood.

With the recent success of family-based Christian films, such as “Bella,” “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof,” has Hollywood taken notice?
Yes, more studios are noticing, and it’s hit some nerves. Fox has developed Fox Faith as a new division to make more family-friendly films.
Although they are taking notice, they see it as a tool to make money and not necessarily to present the Gospel. It all comes down to the dollar. As an actress, it’s disappointing, because Hollywood’s concern is about getting the biggest stars and [making] the biggest amount of money, not to present a great message for Christians and the family.

Does the message matter at all to Hollywood? No, it’s all about the bottom line. Now for the independent filmmaker, it’s different. They are producing films because they care about the message.

As an actress in Hollywood, what do you see as the biggest challenge for more well-funded, scripted and distributed family-friendly Christian films coming out of Hollywood?
The money to bring to the table is the biggest challenge. There are plenty of talented believers in Hollywood, but as the church is trying to be wise stewards with its money [so] providing millions of dollars is a big challenge.

One of the big breakthroughs for Christian filmmaking occurred when Mel Gibson put his own money on the line to produce and direct, “The Passion of the Christ.” Why aren’t we seeing more Christian filmmakers, like Mel Gibson, willing to finance films?
It’s difficult for Christian filmmakers to expose themselves as Christians. They get nervous with a label that could jeopardize their career and damage any future projects for them because of the negativity that comes with being a Christian.

Does Hollywood have a negative perception of Christianity?
In general, yes. Hollywood is very liberal, but there are several committed Christians.

With the recent success of “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants,” do you think more Christians are willing to step out and take a chance?
There are definitely more independent filmmakers willing to take the chance, because the public wants more films like these to be made. Films like these have proven to Hollywood that people want more of these types of films.

Can more successful box-office profits create a change with Hollywood’s big decision makers and their perceptions of Christianity?
That’s a God thing. It would be foolish for me to say no one could be changed or yes, everyone could change.

Let’s talk some about your faith. As a Christian actress, do you let your faith determine what type of scripts and projects you will entertain?
Absolutely, 100 percent. I’ve turned down so many auditions because I felt that they conflict with the Bible and the values that I believe in.

Is that difficult at times?
At first it was. But I’ve done it so often that I’ve gotten used to it. In the end I want God to be pleased with me, so it doesn’t matter, because my focus is to please God and not man.

What do you think would be the catalyst of change in Hollywood to see more money and more creative time and investment going into Christian family-friendly films?
It takes more independent filmmakers showing Hollywood that there is a need and that people want these types of films. I think that we are getting there. The success of these independent films will push Hollywood in a drive to make more moral, family films. The indecent films will not go away, but people want a choice and better options.
It also will help when Christians stop watching the indecent films. I would hope that believers stop supporting the wrong films, because as long as the ticket sales are up, Hollywood will keep making them. But if there is a decline in those movies, and faith-based family friendly movies are shelling out money, then Hollywood will see the need for more choices.

To find out more about Candace’s Life as well as her career, visit her website “Growing with God” at www.CandaceCameronBure.net.


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