Gospel for Asia points people away from idols

Madhuri Kappor had heard about Jesus, but she didn’t yet realize that He was even more powerful than the goddess worshipped by the people in her village.

Madhuri is from a small village dominated by tribal people who are very devoted to their ancient religion. The villagers also harbor many superstitions, one of which involves making an offering each time they pass by the sacred shrine of their goddess. The local folklore dictates that those who refuse to make the offerings will meet with an accident or find themselves in some other predicament that day.

Although Madhuri was a staunch worshipper of this deity, she had also been learning about Jesus at a small fellowship led by Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Melody Bharta. One day, the two women were on their way to a nearby village when Madhuri stopped at the shrine to make her customary offering to the goddess, but Melody stopped her.

“Nothing will happen to you if you don’t make that offering,” Melody told her.

But Madhuri was afraid, so Melody prayed for her friend and then challenged her to trust in the Almighty God and His power. Madhuri reluctantly agreed. The women continued on their journey to and from the neighboring village, and their work there went on without incident. Madhuri couldn’t wait to tell her husband that she had skipped the sacrifice and nothing bad had happened to her!

Anil could hardly believe his wife. She had violated tradition by passing the statue of the goddess without making an offering, and there were no ill effects. That day, both husband and wife realized that all the local deities were powerless when compared to Jesus. They both chose to follow Jesus that very day.

This couple is growing stronger in the Lord every day. They are poor farmers, but three of their children are studying in a Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope center in their village. The children are in second, third and fourth grade. Their youngest child is an infant, and he will be the first of their children to be raised completely in the love and admonition of the Lord.

Unfortunately, many of the family’s fellow villagers are strongly opposing their new faith. Anil and Madhuri’s own relatives are verbally abusing them for their decision to follow Christ. Yet these new Christians are holding fast to Jesus.

The missionary who helped Madhuri turn her life over to Jesus asks that other Christians would pray that the couple and their children will become strong in their faith in the face of such opposition. She also requests prayer that many more will come to know the Lord in this place, especially those associated with an anti-Christian extremist group that is active in the area.

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