Graham Evan. holds Dominican outreach

Some 45,000 Christians across the Dominican Republic were trained and ready last month to share their faith, as part of the largest evangelistic outreach in the Caribbean nation’s history. On March 18-20, these Christians will implement the latest project of My Hope, carried out in partnership with the Charlotte, N.C.-based Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).

“Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always important, but religious leaders in the Dominican Republic believe now is a particularly opportune time for churches there to reach out beyond their walls,” said Bill Conard, vice president of international ministries at BGEA. “These Christians are taking a bold stand for Jesus Christ, and we know God will honor their efforts.”

Those involved in the outreach will host neighbors, relatives and friends to watch three compelling nationwide TV programs, which feature testimonies from two of the most famous Dominicans: St. Louis Cardinals star first baseman Albert Pujols and musician Juan Luis Guerra. The programs also feature sermons from Billy and Franklin Graham, dubbed into Spanish.

After watching the program, the hosts will share their own story of coming to faith and invite those present to make a commitment to Jesus Christ. Afterwards, follow-up efforts will be made to help these new believers become involved in a local church body, in order to learn and grow in their faith.

“We have seen tremendous responses with this style of evangelism – we like to call the home meetings ‘mini Crusades’ – and we’re excited to see what God will do through these efforts in the months and years to come,” said Conard. “There is enormous prayer support all across the country.”

Though the main thrust of the project will happen this weekend, preparations began last spring, as leaders raised funds, shared their vision, invited churches to participate and trained Christians on how to share their faith with others. Christian leaders in the Dominican Republic had seen other My Hope projects successfully implemented in South America, and desired the same for their country.

Since the Life began in 2002, My Hope has been implemented in 48 countries. Upcoming projects will take place in Puerto Rico (in April), as well as in Malawi and two sensitive Asian countries later this year. Preparations are beginning for 2011, for potential My Hope outreaches in Portugal and other African countries.


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