Guatemala’s president & 425,000 attend Luis Palau’s historic Guatemala Festival

After a 10-day, region-wide evangelistic campaign that brought international evangelist Luis Palau face-to-face with Guatemala’s top leadership, Palau shared the Gospel to hundreds of thousands of individuals during the two-day Guatemala Festival at Parque de la Democracia on March 13–14.

Guatemala’s president, first lady, vice president and three ministers of state all attended the festival, a first in the history of Palau festivals. President Alvaro Colom addressed the crowd from the main stage, sharing his feelings toward evangelicals in Guatemala and his appreciation toward Palau and his team.

Known as one of the most evangelical nations in the Spanish-speaking world, 3,200 Guatemalan churches invited Palau and his team to hold this historic campaign – incorporating the largest community service initiative the nation has ever seen, with more than 25 exclusive outreach events.

Included in the campaign were several private meetings with the president and his Cabinet, gatherings with the Supreme Court, military leadership, police cadets, lawyers, judges, doctors, mayors and other top-level dignitaries. Local leadership included Dr. Luis Fernando Solares, Rev. Danilo Perez, president of the Evangelical Alliance of Guatemala, hundreds of local pastors and more than 25,000 trained volunteers.

In addition, the Palau Association’s Season of Service model for community outreach helped mobilize tens of thousands of individuals for a month-long community service effort. Working together to meet the needs of the area, these volunteers offered free medical and dental care to more than 8,500 individuals, helped clean up local neighborhoods and schools and provided meals for more than 40,000 underprivileged children.

“I have had the joy of ministering in Guatemala for more than 40 years. But what distinguished this campaign from any other was the level of impact – the depth of penetration – to all levels of society,” Palau said. “Never have we seen such access to government leaders, business professionals and military personnel. It’s a testament to the power of the Gospel.” 

Later this year, Palau and his team will take this holistic model for evangelism and community service to Scotland, Rwanda and Little Rock, Ark.

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