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This month, the Good News asked its columnists to feature “world changers;” organizations or individuals who are making a difference for the sake of Jesus.  So, with much prayer, I decided to introduce you to an organization that is near and dear to my heart and truly representative of my specific calling as a follower of Christ:  Biblical Health Television.

Do the choices you make line up with your biblical worldview in every facet of your life? Christians desire to answer “Yes!”, but is this your actual testimony? If not, why not?

There are two reasons that you make choices that do not line up with God’s word. First, your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak. You are a “new creation” in Christ, but your old flesh within remains alive. At times, you will testify, just as Paul did in Romans 7:18-19. “And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature (that is, in my flesh). I want to do what is right, but I can’t. I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.”

So, weak flesh is one reason. The second is because in this fleshly weakness you are willing to believe lies. Lies lead to bondage; only the truth will set you free. Jeremiah explains this dilemma in Jeremiah 16:12, 19:  “You stubbornly follow your own evil desires and refuse to listen to God. In the day of affliction, the nations shall come to God from the ends of the earth and say, ‘Surely our fathers have inherited lies, worthlessness and unprofitable things.’”

The “nations” (aka “gentiles”) operate within a worldview devoid of the living Christ, filled with lies and deceit. Yet believers, in many instances, also inherit these same lies and therefore become victims of their own ignorance. The church must no longer emulate the nations in any way. We must reject the lies!

Believers are called to be set apart from the world. We must be different. The biblical term for this is “holy”. Currently, Christian views on marriage, sexual morality, child rearing, financial stewardship and acceptable entertainment all stand apart from the world’s. In other words, we are holy or different in these areas, or at least we believe we should be. But, in some areas, our testimony is not consistent with our professed faith, as the church looks exactly like the world (and even worse in some cases). The way we eat, our stimulant addictions to things like coffee, our understanding and approach to health, and what treatment options we would choose if ill are generally indistinguishable from the world’s approach. Did you know that Christians have no better statistics than non-Christians in longevity (how long they live), mortality rates from common diseases, mental health and depression, the use of prescription medications and levels of obesity and fitness? In other words, we are not so holy in these areas, and don’t even have much of a consciousness that we should be. Are we supposed to be okay with looking like the unbelieving world in any facet of our lives?

As Christians, are we safe outside the guidelines of God’s Word? You desire a Christian worldview but, by default (or ignorance), have you been doing things the world’s way in some crucial areas? Not every topic is addressed in the Bible, but isn’t it true that everything can be measured against the Word of God and determined to be either consistent with it or not? That is the standard we must use to make decisions.

How can we shine with brilliance if the secular world looks the same or, at times, even healthier and is making better choices than we are? Other groups are honoring their bodies and taking much better care of themselves than the average Christian. It’s time for the church to stand out in every facet of our lives including health, fitness, finance, and relationships. Equipping the body of Messiah in these very areas is why Biblical Health Television (BiblicalHealth.tv) was founded.

World Changers
As the writer, I feel it is important to give full disclosure: I am the co-founder and Executive Director of Biblical Health TV. When I received the assignment for this month’s “World Changers” issue, I immediately felt compelled to share its vision and mission, both with great humility and a sense of urgency.

Biblical Health TV’s vision is that one day all followers of Christ will leave behind humanistic philosophies and practices and fully embrace a biblical worldview in every area of their lives.  Our mission is to reach the worldwide Church with the message of biblical health. By assembling a diverse body of experts whose calling is to glorify God by teaching believers how to both think and live in a biblically consistent way, we are able to assist Christians in making natural, God-honoring choices, rather than approaches that look similar to non-believers. Our experts are seasoned Christians and experienced professionals who make their years of expertise available to believers around the globe through internet broadcasts.

An Intersection of Lives
Years ago, after being in practice as chiropractor for more than 18 years, I was approached by my good friend, TV producer and marketing professional Chaim Goldman, with an idea. He was inspired to combine my expertise in natural health with my years of experience as a student of scripture, to bring forth a message to the church that would help believers approach life and health from a more natural perspective; one more consistent with the Bible and the Christian faith. Along with my wife Andrea and Chaim’s wife Kim, also both chiropractors, our two families launched an initiative to help the body of Christ leave the unnatural world of drugs, disease-care and poor health practices and to take on a more sustainable, natural and life-giving approach. Chaim would use his more than twenty-year background as a media expert, coupled with the rapidly evolving technology of high-speed internet video, in order to reach the Christian world with a message almost wholly missing in the Body of Christ. The four of us would help the church safely navigate the murky waters of the “all-natural” world usually dominated by the new-age agenda. Years later, that vision evolved into Biblical Health TV when we decided to gather teachers from many diverse backgrounds, all experts in their fields, who would help us train believers in additional areas in which we were not equipped. And thus was born “the only network entirely dedicated to biblical health”.

Christian Experts
Proverbs 11:14 states, “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” Biblical Health Television has assembled a team of authorities who meet the four pillars of its mandate and mission. Experts must: be born-again believers, teach a biblically consistent message, approach everything naturally and give all of the glory to God! This is so refreshing when you consider that the natural health world is dominated by secular humanism and other new age philosophies, and is often yoked to false religions.
Biblical Health TV is proud to present authorities like Jordan Rubin, Coach Rick Andreassen and Grif Blackstone (founder and publisher of the Good News) to name a few.

Defining “health” in a very wide sense, we have already produced programming covering the essential issues of:

Disease Prevention
• Natural treatment options
• Diet and natural kitchen ideas

Exercise, Fitness, and Weight Loss
• Essential oils
• Vaccine education
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Finance  and personal
• Emotions and identity
• Brain function and memory
loss issues
• Food Industry

• Spiritual warfare & deliverance
• Holistic dentistry
• Hormone regulation
• Education
• Raising large families
• Self-defense

Join the Revolution!
Biblical Health TV is a grass-roots revolution committed to changing paradigms and equipping the Church in body, soul and spirit. We invite you to join us now by both logging on at BiblicalHealth.tv, and spreading the word by sharing our website across your social networks, both virtual and actual, with every Christian you know. Together we will bring genuine biblical health to our collective temples of the Holy Spirit, and thereby be a true witness to the world not just because of Who we profess, but by how we live!

Dr. Jeff Hazim is a chiropractor and nutritional counselor practicing in Ft. Lauderdale (TheBrowardCenter.com), and Executive Director of “Biblical Health Television”, the only TV network devoted to Biblical Health (BiblicalHealth.tv).  Weekly Radio Broadcasts:radio.com/BiblicalHealth


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