Les Feldman

I find myself asking “why” a lot. Am I skeptical? Yes, I’m sure I am.

But that’s my lifetime starting point. That’s my beginning.

I generally don’t like to be questioned, but I question almost everything. Why is that?

I say it brings me clarity, a focus if you will. At least that’s how I rationalize it. 

But why do I not like being questioned? My reflex is, “You’re skeptical; are you sure you want to go down that road with me?” I’m learning not to trust my reflex, and I could attach appropriate scripture citing patience, tolerance and grace.


WhyI have an insatiable desire to want to know things for perspective.

A three year old asks “why” repeatedly. We soon get frustrated and snap, “because I said so.” The young mind interprets that as a signal to accept authority, otherwise you face “the consequences.” A beautiful mind gets stifled because we fear that little monster will grow up robbing banks or worse, bury their sorrows in a computer screen?


A simple “why” most times leads to an even simpler obvious, but is it really obvious?

Yes, many times it is, but then we scratch below the surface if we endeavor to apply whatever value we learn to improve future encouragement to learn, solve or simply press on. The Bible is full of examples: How many times did Jesus say, “follow me”? In Matthew seven times, in Mark four times, in Luke four times, in John seven times, in the Gospels thirteen times. And on… each time teaching lessons.

But to apply scripture, I feel it is important to have a beginning, a middle and an end objective. At least scripture that will help guide me in applying a Godly perspective to life as we live it.

Which leads me to “why” in a reflection of our current front cover feature of “Angel Flights,” featuring Mac McConnell, well known in these parts for his 26 years of featured portrayals in the First Baptist Church of The Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant. McConnell pilots Angel Flights, so please read the “why” as our GN Editor Shelly Pond writes about this God Story beginning on page 32.


Why and to whom; our readers

So, in looking back at this most unusual 2021, we have “why” all over the place in features: FebruaryRebuilding South Florida, where hundreds of volunteers can transform a decaying neighborhood to infuse a renewal of pride, digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/february/

March: Pastor David Hughes and his Church By The Glades because he attracts a fast declining group of  millennials, but now attending in the droves at the Church By The Glades high energy music, LED light shows and full theatrical productions, why? Whatever it takes to church them up: digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/march/20/

Our GN April we featured Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because he stood strong defying a national trend and fought to open churches and houses of worship during a nationwide COVID lockdown mandate. This was controversial but our “why” was for the courage to lead, digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/april/#1

May we featured “Mother’s Day HERoes” in a fascinating perspective. I encourage you to re-read about these women of distinction and “why” they proudly serve digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/may/

July we featured the 15-year milestone of Lifework Leadership, “transforming Leaders who transform cities” digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/july/28/

August GN featured Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (FCA) bringing the gospel to student athletes digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/august/#1

September Physical and Spiritual healing. Dr. Mike Rozenblum has a unique ministry that traveled a fascinating road of obedience digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/september/#1

October we proudly featured the 50 Years of Westminster Academy “Devoted to Christ – Dedicated to Excellence” digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/october/#1

And why we publish the Good News: November the 5th Annual “Leading Charities and Foundations” and the extraordinary leadership in a detailed look and mission statements digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/november/#1

December The 5th Annual “Faith Leaders” digital.goodnewsfl.org/2021/december/#1


 2022 presents new challenges. Why is a good thing and should be used to improve, not a convenient pause of paralysis; like can instead of can’t. 

“Come, follow me,” He said.


Grateful for more opportunities,

  • Les

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