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“In God We Trust” to be Posted in Schools

Ashley Verdugo, Social Media Director, CFC Florida, Juan Barek, President AMOE, Florida Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran, Pastor Ruth Villamizar, President COMIB & Anthony Verdugo, Founder & Executive Director, CFC Florida

Last December, Christian Family Coalition Florida Executive Director, Anthony Verdugo, reached out to State Representative Kimberly Daniels with an idea to post our state and national motto, “In God We Trust” in every school in the Sunshine State.

After months of lobbying, strategizing and testifying before the full Florida House Education Committee at a special hearing on Wednesday, February 7th, the State House of Representatives approved the proposal by a vote of 97-10 on Wednesday, February 21st.

However, it looked dead in the State Senate until CFC Florida arrived on the scene Monday, March 5, when it was added to HB 7055, that both chambers approved.

Once the bill is signed, all public schools – and any other buildings used by local school boards – will need to display “In God We Trust”, the state motto.

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