In their own words: Good News testimonies from the community

“I moved the Newspaper from the bus seat as I sat down. … I had arrived the night before from Maine with a bag of clothes and a one-way ticket, wishing to start a new life for myself. I had no idea where I was going to work or live. I had no car or license, and I knew no one in 1,000 miles. … Something on the paper sparked my attention, and I picked it up and read an article about a Christian nightclub. Other than Christmas Day with my family – and the occasional funeral – I had not set foot in a church for 10 years. This was one of a series of events that occurred over the next few weeks that made me have no doubt that God was calling me back to Him. It’s now three years later, and by answering that call, my life has completely changed. I am now friends with the person who wrote the article, as well as with the owner of that club. … So, read The Good News; it’s a great publication. But, it’d be even better to read it at work or on a plane … and when you are done, leave it behind. You never know who might find it or how it may impact their life.”–Dave Burridge, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale

“Our lives have been touched as a result of having a relationship with the staff of The Good News. We’ve been reminded that there are people out there [who] do support each other through prayer and services in a fair and godly manner.”–Tara Randolph, Christi Academy in Tamarac

“I absolutely love the magazine. The information is great. The stories are encouraging, educational and uplifting. … I believe all churches should have this magazine.”–Haydee Soto, Sheridan Hills Baptist Church in Hollywood

“Praise the Lord for The Good News as we received two new storage customers in our very first month of advertising! Now that’s good News!”–Jim and Ody Odom, owners of Olde Naples Self Storage North in Naples

“For me The Good News has become a very good source for not only faith in the News, but also encouraging stories on the saints, an honest perspective on important issues and a solid source for local events.”–Bob Denison, Denison Yacht Sales in Ft. Lauderdale “The Good News is where we go for News and Culture. It is the most relevant local periodical we as Christians have in South Florida. Thank you for 10 years! We are better parents for what we have learned through Bob Barnes’ teachings! Thank you!”–Jeremie Barber, owner of in Ft. Pierce

“The greatest impact The Good News has had on me was when I found the job where I am currently employed. I was looking, at the time, to work in a Christian organization where my daily activities would have some striking impact on the desperately needy children and poor families around the world. After many prayers, I learned about the listing that Cross International had posted in The Good News. I can’t say enough how much I love and appreciate my job. … Most recently, I saw more than 150 women gather at a retreat that we organized through the group I am a part of called Women of the Word. … A large amount of these women heard about our retreat through The Good News. Countless lives were restored to loving fellowship with Christ. You never know if one of those women was planning to commit suicide or have an abortion or leave her husband.”–Mariana Marin, Cross International in Pompano


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