Learning to join forces

We live in an amazingly diverse area where there are countless opportunities to get involved serving somewhere doing something to help others.  There is always so much that needs to be done, especially when a major earthquake hits our neighbors. Yet, working together to accomplish a common goal sounds great, but isn’t always what is done for one reason or another. For over 10 years from my position as publisher, I have seen people attempt to start a new Life that duplicates a Life that already exists.

It just doesn’t make sense.

When the earthquake hit Haiti, we received calls and emails from dozens of people who sincerely wanted to start a Life to help the victims in Haiti.  We actually tried to discourage them from starting new ministries in hope that they would get involved in the ones that have already been supporting Haiti for years.  So much time and man-power is put into starting a grass roots Life that it isn’t always the most effective way during a crisis.  There is also something to be said for training and experience.  I think people tend to respond emotionally to a crisis without thinking about what the best course of action would be or who would be best qualified for a particular task.

Ministries like Food For The Poor, Cross International, and Compassion International have had an infrastructure in place for years ministering and meeting needs in Haiti. To me, it only makes sense to come along side those who God has already established and learn to work and serve with them. There are numerous existing ministries that are short-handed and need people that have a heart for the poor, homeless, orphans, widows, sick, youth and more. I am confident that any Life would love more help.

I saw a perfect example of the community working together, using the resources we have been given together for one common goal. The other week Food For The Poor called me and asked if we knew a moving company that would be willing to help. They explained that local wholesale food companies called them and said they have pallets of non-perishable food for them to take to Haiti.  The problem was neither had a way to move that much food, it would take a moving company. Well, of course we know people … we’re The Good News. We know all kinds of businesses who have resources. We made a few calls and connected a moving company with a Life and the people in Haiti got food. How awesome is that?

There are so many testimonies and connections that have been made and can still be made. The key is to look what resources we have and give them up for others. The simple fact is God is the one who gave us what we have. Without Him we would be nowhere and have nothing. So why not exercise our gifts and allow them to grow for the benefit of others.

I am willing to offer up our matchmaking services for anyone who is interested in getting involved with a Life of any kind. We know local ministries and we know needs, what we need to know is you.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me what you would like to get involved with or what resources you have to offer.

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