Local women host TV show called ‘Whose View? God’s View’

Like many people in South Florida, Carolyn Woodberry recognized there was a need for a talk show different from all others – one that would offer viewers a variety of topics and advice from a godly perspective. So, one day while Woodberry was in prayer, she came up with the idea of starting her own television show called “Whose View? God’s View.”

“No topic is off limits,” says Woodberry who attends The Faith Center in Sunrise. “The show features four professional women with strong faiths that address every topic imaginable while adding a dose of humor and biblical wisdom.”

The show made its debut in South Florida in the fall of 2003 and continues to grow as it can be seen from Key West to Palm Beach.

Woodberry, the show’s host, is joined by co-hosts Jaquada Lee, Angela Cox and correspondent Victoria Adkins on their very own set designed specifically for this show. They shoot two shows a week, which is an aggressive schedule for a group of professional women enmeshed with families, careers and ministries.

A recent addition to the show is a “Pastor’s Council” with Dr. Jimmie L. Williams, Sarah Person and George M. Bowles. The trio addresses all kinds of topics just like their co-host counterparts.

Viewers can also e-mail questions to counselor and Life leader Dr. Faye M. Silvera, who heads up a segment called “Ask the Doctor.” She advises viewers on anything from relationships to family and raising children.

“Viewers can expect a life-changing experience, filled with hope, empowerment, encouragement, humor and biblical knowledge,” says Woodberry.

Woodberry expects the show to grow a lot in the future. Soon, it will be available everywhere by streaming on the internet.

“We have a correspondent that goes out on location, so we are open to hearing about local events to cover,” she adds.

“Whose View? God’s View” can be seen on Monday and Friday at 1:30 p.m. on the WGEN Television Network.

For more information or viewing options, visit www.WhoseViewGodsView.tv.


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