Looking Forward to Heaven Together

Andrea Goff

Warren and I met when we were 11 in high school and began dating at 16. I had the joy of leading him to the Lord when he had asked God for a sign that He was real and was supernaturally spared in an auto accident. We married at 19. He was the only Christian in his nominally Catholic family, and we began praying for their salvation. Fast forward 40 plus years and we were still praying. At the beginning of September, the opportunity finally opened up for us to visit our mothers in England. Both are 83, and since COVID, struggling with dementia. We can still have great conversations with them, but they won’t remember five minutes later.

A Visit Arranged by The Heavenly God

Since England had been on lockdown for 18 months, our mothers were thrilled to be able to go on outings with us, and the weather was glorious. My mother-in-law remarked that she felt as if she had “died and gone to heaven.” She was struggling with showering and dressing one morning, and as I helped her, I said, “We would so love for you to be in heaven with us Mum.” Three years prior whilst she was visiting, Warren had lovingly shared the Gospel with his Mum, and she had rejected it yet again, mainly due to harsh treatment by nuns as a child and the tragic death of her young husband, Warren’s father. This time she said, “I would like that too.” I called Warren, and he prayed with his Mum. We explained that God makes salvation simple enough for a little child, and she followed me in a prayer surrendering her life to Jesus. She loves Elvis, so we played him singing “How Great thou Art,” and we could sense God’s presence and peace.

We took her to my sister’s home, and she told them she was converted and was able to attend church the next day. Obviously dementia has its challenges, but it was so awesome to see this long-term prayer answered.

It is strange after 40 years to now remove her name as we daily pray for Warren’s family’s salvation. God is faithful, and we are in awe of how He works.

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