Luncheon scheduled to honor ‘Intentional Mom’ Barbara Cameron

A child is somewhat like a small, round pearl. It is born in the womb of a shell, and it takes a minimum of 10 years before the pearl is ready to be removed – and even then it’s a little premature.

The mother oyster undergoes a test of endurance, taking a beating from the ocean floor and the undersea world as it produces the pearl. Yet, in the midst of trial, it’s the mother oyster’s job to continue to produce the vital secretions to create a healthy, beautiful pearl.

When the job is complete, the pearl will have great value and will be released to have a life of its own.

A pearl, like a child, is always a work in process. Mothers release them into the world, wondering if their job is truly over. But their position is timeless and forever. The enduring fortitude, protective spirit, unwavering hope and endless love of a mother will go on long after she has released her children into the world.

Intentional Moms, a West Palm Beach Life created to inspire and encourage mothers, will distribute a special award, called The Pearl Award, each year to a woman who most symbolizes enduring love, an intentional mindset and extraordinary faith in the midst of motherhood.

This year’s Pearl Award goes to Intentional Mom of the Year Barbara Cameron, mother of four, including Kirk Cameron (“Fireproof,” “Growing Pains”) and Candace Cameron Bure (“Full House”).

Barbara is also a published author, child advocate and proud grandmother of 13.

“I am humbled beyond belief,” Barbara said, upon receiving notification of her award. 

To celebrate this “intentional mom,” the organization is hosting a Forever Moms Luncheon on April 29 at 11 a.m. at the Polo Club Boca Raton, located at 5400 Champion Blvd.

The luncheon, which is $48 per person, will celebrate mothers of all ages and stages of life and will include a special presentation by Intentional Moms Founder Catherine Hickem.


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