Modern-day orphans find hope through His House Children’s Home

Miami-Dade County

Life : His House Children’s Home

Families in focus: The Martinezes


His House Children’s Home in Miami Gardens cares for 60 to 70 newborns to 18-year-olds at a time. The foster care and adoption Life houses these children in 10 cottages on the property, while attempting to give them a “normal” family experience, says Sabrina Sosa, community relations coordinator for His House.

The children at His House go on vacations, attend Christian schools and take music lessons.

“Our main goal is to reunite children with their biological families. We turn to relative placement first, and then go to an outside foster parent,” says Sosa.

Sosa says most of the children come in broken and angry and leave way better than they came in.

“They learn the power of forgiveness and learn to understand that people may hurt us, but God is good to us,” she says.

Iris Marrero, the Life ‘s development director, loves to see what happens when people answer God’s call to love His kids.

“For the children, it’s the longing of their heart to be loved forever,” Marrero says. “I know as a former foster child myself.”

“If there’s room in your heart, there’s room in your home,” she adds.

Daily Martinez is an example of what God has done through His House. Martinez and her husband had two boys of their own when they learned about the astounding number of children being bounced around the foster care system.

The Martinezes began to adopt, but soon found that a child they’d fallen in love with had siblings in the foster care system.

So they decided to adopt them all.

Martinez says, “We encourage people to look past their fears and insecurities to embark in the most rewarding adventure of their lives – adoption. We thank God everyday for entrusting us with this great Life of lost children, and yet we feel we have done so little considering the number of children who are still alone in this world.”

Today, after taking in several sets of siblings, the Martinezes are a family of 12.


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