NBC’s ‘Kings’ is the modern-day story of the life of David

“Kings,” a new one-hour drama on NBC is actually a contemporary parable and exploration of the timeless stories surrounding the life of David in 1 and 2 Samuel.    “The more we examined the biblical story, the more contemporary it felt. And the more we looked at the values in the biblical story, the more they seemed to have applicability today,” said “Kings” executive producer Erwin Stoff, according to USA Today.  The show, which premiered March 15, airs on Sundays at 8 p.m.  The show is set in the war-torn country of Gilboa and ruled by the beloved King Silas (Golden Globe winner Ian McShane of “Deadwood”) from the modern metropolis of Shiloh. It is a country where the fighting has gone on far too long at the cost of far too many lives. The protagonist, David Shepherd (Chris Egan of “Eragon”), is a brave soldier who defies orders, crosses enemy lines and unknowingly saves King Silas’ son, Jack, who is gay. These actions set in motion events that may finally bring peace to the kingdom. But while a nation celebrates their new hero, the country’s power brokers jockey to keep their positions at any cost – even at the expense of young David’s true destiny.  Just like in the biblical text, David falls for the king’s daughter, and a man named Rev. Samuels acts as God’s mouthpiece to the people.    As many Christians know, the real David exhibited many acts of valiant heroics, but he also committed adultery, murder and other less-than-honorable acts.    “Strangely enough, they’ve not yet asked us to censor the Bible,” said the show’s creator Michael Green, according to USA Today. “The stuff we’ve done that’s most challenging is also straight out of the text. They’ve tried, and then I show them what chapter and verse it’s from, and they were like, ‘Oh. I guess that’s OK.'”  Green is the man responsible for the hit television series “Heroes” and “Everwood.” For more information, visit www.NBC.com/Kings.


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