Parental Rights Amendment gains momentum

An international treaty now being considered may endanger American families.

The government may be legally obligated to infringe upon parental rights if a controversial, legally-binding international treaty known as the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child is ratified. If this occurs, as the Obama administration urges, the treaty would supersede even the U.S. Constitution.

As a result, there is mounting pressure for members of Congress to sign on as co-sponsors to the new Parental Rights Amendment, also called House Joint Resolution 42.

The amendment will bolster existing family law and codify the fundamental right of parents to “direct the upbringing and education of their children.” President Dr. Michael Farris predicts that the Amendment will resonate across party lines as a bi-partisan, pro-family issue.

“This Amendment preserves two essential values,” he said, “that good families, not government, have the right to make decisions for children, and that America, not the UN or any other nation, gets to make our public policy to govern the critical relationship between parents and children.”

While the Amendment upholds existing statutes limiting parental rights in the case of abuse or neglect, it asserts that the “only law which can be used in American courts regarding American families is the law made in America by our legislatures or the people themselves.”

Zogby poll statistics show that a majority of Americans of both political parties, of every ethnic group and from every region reject international law in making decisions that affect American families.

“The use of international law for domestic purposes,” Farris concludes, “is utterly contrary to the idea that this nation is a self-governing republic.”

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