PBA holds the line on costs next year

In consideration of families who value Christian higher education but are concerned about the volatility of today’s economy, Palm Beach Atlantic University has frozen some tuition rates and student charges for the 2009–2010 academic year.

Charges for housing and meal plans will not increase this fall, President David W. Clark said. While the university’s contract with its food services vendor includes an automatic boost next year, Clark said that PBA will absorb the cost hike without passing it along to students.

“We want to continue to make an independent, Christian college education affordable for middle-class families,” Clark said. “With some families facing or fearing job losses, we are obligated to do what we can to help them move ahead with their plans to provide a quality college education for their sons and daughters.”

In addition, charges per credit hour for evening undergraduate students and graduate students in any of the University’s three master’s degree programs will remain the same. Orlando evening undergraduate and graduate per credit hour charges are unchanged as well. Full-time, undergraduate tuition, however, will increase modestly by $1,150 annually.

“We can limit the amount of tuition increase by doing all we can to save money in areas that do not impact academic programs or student services,” Dr. Clark said.

He added that the university adjusted the model for calculating institutional aid to give more consideration to financial need.


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