Precision Marketing

Who is your audience? What do you want them to perceive about your company? What are their needs and interests?  These are the type of questions you can ask yourself when trying to connect with your target audience in your organization’s marketing initiatives.  In order to gather information on your audience and start to understand who they are, you have to first look at who you are as an organization and what you are trying to represent as a brand.

First, start with writing down your mission and purpose for your marketing campaign so that you have a clear understanding of your marketing strategy. You can then narrow down what kind of buyer would be interested in what you have to offer to determine your target audience.  Once you have considered this information carefully, it is time to do your market research.

Here are some questions to answer as you work on narrowing down your audience and developing your market analysis:

• Who could benefit from your
company’s products or services?

• Where is your target audience

• What do they already think or
know about your current brand
based on past communications?

• What would you like your
customers to know about your

• Who are your main competitors
that are also bidding for your
audience’s attention?

•  Are you targeting businesses or
consumer groups?

When researching your audience, try to gain knowledge on the many different angles in which your audience might be approached.  Tackling your marketing strategy will always need a developed inventory of who your audience is and how to get them to relate to your brand. Remember, they want to know more about your company if you are marketing to the right audience.  Always keep your customers informed and “in the know” about your organization.

As a marketer, in order to achieve your marketing goals you must know the ins and outs of your target audience.  When examining your market, one approach is to look beyond the numbers. Not only does taking this approach help you get to know your audience on a more personal note, but it can open new gateways to reach out to your market on an emotional level that connects them with your message. Even paying close attention to the evolution of the latest technology that consumers are using, including smartphones, tablets, e-books, online video, social media and other forms of communication can give you creative new ways to reach your perfect customer through a medium he or she is very familiar with.

No matter what your brand’s mission is, identifying and gaining the knowledge of your target audience is necessary to reach your marketing objectives.  Once you have figured out who your market is, you can effectively strategize and create winning campaigns to reach them every time.  The strength in your message weighs on the ability to focus and dial in to what your customers are asking for and defining your target market will help build your brand’s effectiveness. Once you have completed your market analysis and have honed in by writing down a detailed description of your target market, you are well on your way to developing the identity of your brand.

When doing your market analysis and developing your campaign, be as specific as possible! You can never have too many details when trying to understand your audience.  So, you think you know your audience? Let’s go back to thinking beyond the numbers and reaching your audience on a more emotional and intellectual level.  Really get to know the type of people you are marketing to and how you want your message to speak to them.  It is essential to speak to your customers in a language that they understand and can relate to in all of your communications with them while at the same time focusing on who you are as an organization.  Always remember to stay true to your brand because one thing most people can relate to is integrity. If you can demonstrate your integrity as a brand or company, your customers will know that you are a source they can trust for the products or services you provide.

Always listen to what your audience tells you about themselves and never make any uneducated assumptions about what they want. This will lead to success with your marketing initiatives, allowing you to convert leads into customers more often than not.  You will always need your audience; they are the fuel to your engine. Your audience is the key to your success, and this is the reason you will always need them.  Without your customers, your company would not exist. As a marketer, never underestimate the power of your audience and the influence you may have on them.  Developing trust holds down the focus of your marketing message and keeps them coming back.  In the long run, understanding your audience, who they are and why you need them, will bring you success as a company with strong customer loyalty.

Grif Blackstone is the president of Blackstone Media Group, a full scale web design and marketing company and publisher of the Good News, the largest Christian newspaper in Florida. Grif has helped hundreds of businesses build an effective brand identity to help them communicate who they are to their target market. Writer, speaker, and consultant, Grif is known as the “Efficiency Guru” for technology and business and is a coffee fanatic.


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