Short films recreate biblical parables for the ‘screen generation’

Compass Cinema’s Thomas Purifoy understands that stories have the power to change lives – especially the stories Jesus told.

His production company recently released a completely new film-based Bible study called Modern Parables.

“Almost everyone likes movies,” Purifoy says. “So we tried to create a universal Bible study that people will enjoy watching and can learn from at the same time.”

Modern Parables is a series of short films that retell six of Jesus’ parables in modern-day settings. The parable of the man who finds a treasure hidden in a field becomes a comic film about a small-time real estate agent who accidentally finds oil on a blighted lot, then sells everything to buy it.

The parable of the widow and the judge is set in a small southern town where an African-American widow seeks justice from an angry judge who cares more about padding his bank account than jurisprudence.

According to Purifoy, “The films don’t seek to replace the biblical text, but to create in the viewer emotional, intellectual and spiritual responses similar to those experienced by Jesus’ first-century listeners.”
For the “screen generation,” there is no more reliable medium than film for eliciting that kind of response.

“Learning comes primarily through seeing,” says Dr. Robert Lewis, pastor-at-large of Little Rock’s Fellowship Bible Church. “That’s why I am so excited about Modern Parables. It offers the truth of God visually in a way that speaks to our modern world.”

Dr. Craig S. Blomberg, distinguished professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary, agrees: “Compass Cinema’s portrayals are by far the most clear, riveting, superbly acted and biblically faithful contemporizations of Jesus’ parables that I have ever seen.”

Modern Parables is designed as a curriculum tool for churches, small groups, schools and home educators. The curriculum can expand from 6 to 18 lessons, depending on the need of the class, and is designed to work with a variety of audiences and ages.

Each of the short films is accompanied by an application video in which a noted Bible teacher explains how the parable is applied in our day-to-day lives. Some of the pastors include well-known evangelical leaders like Dr. George Grant, Dr. Gene Mims and Dr. Daniel Doriani, among others.

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