Teen homeschoolers create award-winning film, ‘The Widow’s Might’

On April 13, 19-year-old director John Moore’s independent film, “The Widow’s Might” opened in 94 U.S. cities as part of Carmike Cinemas and Dalton Pictures’ Independent Film Series.

“The Widow’s Might” is a feature length musical comedy produced by 19-year-old John Moore and his best friend, David Heustis. The film recently won $101,000 at this year’s San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF).

“The Widow’s Might” is the story of two aspiring filmmakers with the dream of winning a national film festival. When an elderly widow faces losing her home due to escalating property taxes, the filmmakers take action, along with their friends. Through political smears and on-set mishaps, the filmmakers face challenge after challenge.

Geoff Botkin, veteran film producer and film festival judge, marked “The Widow’s Might” as a milestone in Christian filmmaking.  “‘Widow’s Might’ is a groundbreaking film, even though it is [the] first feature film from a teenaged director. It is one of the most original high-concept features in recent film history. The story is innovative in ways that can inspire the next generation of filmmakers, many of whom are looking for ways to break out of tired cinematic cliches,” he said.

Botkin also added that, “this film attempted and achieved a wholesome family message, illustrating the difficult-to- capture functional family environment.”

“At 18 and 19 years old, maybe we were a little overambitious,” said Moore. “To write, direct, act, produce and even sing in our first feature film, shot on an experimental camera, seems completely crazy.”

Although highly ambitious, the film has received very positive attention around the nation, including the Best of Festival and Audience Choice awards at the SAICFF, competing against acclaimed Christian films including “Fireproof.”

Last month, the teens released their film in Carmike Cinemas, located in Bradenton and Panama City, as well as across the nation, as part of Dalton Picture and Culture Company’s Independent Film Series.

“We had no idea we were working on a theatrical release,” said Jeff Moreland, executive producer of the film. “We thought we were just a few families that go to church together, pitching in to help bring these kids’ vision to the screen.”

Theatrical locations and times are listed at the film website, WidowsMightTheMovie.com. To show the film at your church, call 214-934-6850.


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