The National Day of Prayer is available on webcast

Times have changed. Everywhere we look is a reflection of how things have “evolved” in the last few years. Skyscrapers are higher. Scientific studies are continuously emerging. Educational and political policies are shifting. Developmental plans are surging.

Technology has had a major impact on modern living. It is also an epitome of the adage, “the only constant thing in this world is change.”

In these changing times, even the way we seek the Almighty is different, perhaps enhanced. Remarkably, prayer has been combined with the use of technology by the Life Missionaries of Prayer.

As an organization dedicated to intercessory prayer, Missionaries of Prayer encourages people to pray and teaches new Christians how to pray. Now, the organization is also promoting prayer worldwide by hosting a National Day of Prayer webcast.

“Gone are the days when prayer was confined to a physical address. In order to reach out to this generation and the generations to come, Christian ministries have to move forward with prayer using technology,” says Nicole Haye, founder of Missionaries of Prayer “There is a generation that relies on their computer for almost everything, and the only way for Christians to reach them is through the internet.”

The 2009 National Day of Prayer webcast hosted by Missionaries of Prayer will commence on May 7 at 12:01 a.m. and will run for 24 hours to accommodate all time zones. The National Day of Prayer unites participating churches, ministries and government organizations in the United States through the internet. Attendees can join in this extraordinary celebration of prayer, praise and worship featuring live streaming and on-demand video from the comfort of their own home or office.

The National Day of Prayer webcast was primarily organized for people who can’t personally attend a local prayer event or for churches that do not host a National Day of Prayer gathering. Missionaries who may be serving in other countries also benefit from the webcast, explains Haye.

“This year’s National Day of Prayer, as it has done so for years, continues to inspire people of many denominations to act in prayer. It brings together people of faith to strengthen their belief and continue to act in selfless love as they offer intercessions for their brothers and sisters through Jesus Christ,” Haye says. “Now more than ever our nation needs prayer, and we need to be unified in this endeavor.

“It’s quite exciting when prayer and technology collides, as we are able to unite with other Christians worldwide in prayer through one forum. How great is our God?”

For information, call 561-459-5257.


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