The Good News is more than just a newspaper. It’s a resource with eternal impact!

We work hard each month to share truth by reporting uplifting content, informing our readers about issues that are missed by mainstream media, and being an advocate for those who have been overlooked by the world. The Good News exisits to provoke readers to make a positive action in their communities and beyond.

For the past 20 years, the Good News has helped inform and educate the South Florida community with biblical messages, truth and local news. By being a resource people can trust, we have become a staple in the South Florida Christian community. We are … here to serve.

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Our advertising partners

Integrity and ethics  are the hallmarks of a successful organizations. Customers crave companies they can trust who treat them fairly, keep their promises and care about quality work. These values embody the core of our objectives here at the Good News.

We’ve made it our goal to inspire individuals and businesses in the South Florida community to draw near to God and extend his precepts to every aspect of their lives. By promoting Spiritual growth, we’re partnering with businesses and ministry leaders poised to positively impact this community – people of growth and influence.

We’ve developed a reputation over the past 20 years of providing uplifting content on issues the mainstream media neglects, and our reach extends beyond church walls to key distribution areas in the market place. By partnering with the Good News, you have the opportunity to reach a unique niche that consists of more than 120,000 readers in both print and digital media.

We’d like to welcome you to join our passion and promote your business with those who share this vision.

Let’s make a difference together.


Who reads the Good News?

Did you know that 86 million Americans read community newspapers every week?

  •     81% of Americans read a local community newspaper each week
  •     Readers, on average, share their paper with 3.36 additional readers
  •     Community newspaper readers spend about an hour with their paper
  •     73% read most or all of their community newspaper
  •     Nearly 40% keep their community newspaper more than a month
  •     47% say they read the newspaper for the ads
  •     30% do not have internet access in the home
  •     70% prefer to read newspaper ads than view ads on the internet

Good News readers and partners are:

  •     Influential Christians and community members
  •     Church leaders and volunteers
  •     Community decision makers
  •     Dedicated family members
  •     Committed to living out their faith
  •     Technologically savvy
  •     Business owners and decision makers
  •     People just like you