Pastor Owens Urges Men to Step Off the Sidelines

What is the most important factor in changing a man spiritually, from immaturity to maturity? Discipleship. This was the conclusion reached by the founders of Promise Keepers, Bill McCartney, then football coach for the University of Colorado, and Dave Wardell, Ph.D., who birthed the movement more than 25 years ago. It... -Read More

Hope of Healing for Men

The Gathering USA is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship and mission opportunities for men. One of the ministries offered at The Gathering at Palm Beach County is a fellowship for men who are seeking freedom from the bondage of pornography and other addictive sexual activities. The Conquer Series is a training,... -Read More

Looking for a Few Good Men

  Hope Women’s Centers is a place where women have been going for help with unplanned pregnancies since 1987. Hope provides free and confidential services. Helping women in Broward County for almost 30 years inspires a level of trust when a woman understands that Hope does not profit financially from the... -Read More

The Legacy of a Godly Father

As I contemplate the upcoming Father’s Day and my reflections on my first year of this day since the passing of my father, I would like to commemorate a life well lived and the legacy that he has passed on to his seven children. From this point forward we are trying... -Read More

How Can I Ever Trust Again?

I recently to spoke at The Uptown Lunch, a monthly event sponsored by my church during which the pastor asked a number of questions related to how I got where I am today. I shared that after three relationships that included physical abuse, rape and infidelity followed by abandonment, I didn’t... -Read More

Boot Camp Prepares Men for Fatherhood

Gabriella Morris Good News   The more involved a father is in the life of a child the better. Studies show that babies with involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure and eager to explore their surroundings. As they grow, they are more sociable, better problem-solvers, have higher IQs... -Read More

Mental Health And The Faith

  October is mental health month and many Christians struggle with how they feel about the whole subject of mental health. Is there such a thing as mental illness? Is the Bible alone sufficient to treat mental health issues? Are therapists just giving people a way to rationalize and escape responsibility... -Read More

There’s Something Better Than A Dream

  Have you noticed? Your life is changing. Typically, when we read about how to deal with life changes, we find a discussion about dreams, visions and goals. But, there’s something better than a dream. Yes, dreams are important, and should not be minimized. Dreams give us a focus, show us... -Read More

How I Found Healing in a Hog Pen

Entrepreneur, marketing director, video producer and corporate president, this is only a partial list of my supposedly impressive credentials. Now, let me take off my mask. Without that mask I was a self centered, prideful alcoholic and drug addict. I was bound by all of the above for 31 long years.... -Read More

Adventures in Singlehood

As we exit the Christmas season of parties and family gatherings and enter the Valentine’s Day season of love and romance, many of us have wondered where we fit in. Some of us feel an emptiness, a chasm in our hearts that we believe should be filled by a spouse. While... -Read More