The Prayer of Prayers

Prayer is difficult. Prayer doesn’t come easy. Thankfully, Jesus knows this, and like any good friend or mentor, Jesus steps in to help. When his disciples were finding prayer hard, Jesus taught them a way to pray that has become known as “The Lord’s Prayer,” not because Jesus prayed it himself,... -Read More

Leading Through Change

Once your organization has been “steady” or has experienced growth and momentum in any area, it’s time to mature and grow into the next iteration of becoming who God wants you to be. It’s the job of the leaders to work together to co-create the next evolution of the organization’s culture.... -Read More

College Football in Hebrew?

My wife Angie and I recently watched the College Football National Championship in Hebrew. That’s right, Kirk Herbstreit’s voice was covered over with Hebrew color commentary. To many, the Alabama-Georgia game was already of a biblical proportion, but the added Old Testament feel was certainly interesting. My wife and I are... -Read More

City Changers Empowers the Church to Impact Communities

 Alan Platt, chief architect of Church United in South Florida, and leader of the global Doxa Deo Church and the City Changers Movement begun in South Africa, has authored a brand new book, released by David C. Cook publishers, entitled City Changers. What follows are Alan’s thoughts and an excerpt from... -Read More

Beachside Church Hosts Wine Study and Bible Tasting

If your reaction to this title was one of “Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?” you’re not alone. It implores one to search deeper into what this is all about, which is exactly what the man behind this initiative – Rev. Dr. Marcos Van Dorn – hopes you’ll do. Being one of those... -Read More

5 Essentials for Marketplace Missions

There’s been a huge shift in how business and missions intertwine. No longer can missionaries simply plan to find employment in the field. In most places, they must now create an enterprise that will serve the population in order to gain access to the people they desire to reach.   Discover... -Read More

Looking at Time a Little Differently

Time can definitely fly. Time can seemingly slow down. Time can easily get wasted. Time is often relied upon to do something it has absolutely no ability to do. Time, in no way, shape, or form, can “heal all wounds.” I know we hear that often, but such a cliché is... -Read More


“Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 124:8). Heavy-hearted and under siege, we hunker down and hide, fearful of the onslaught from the enemy intent on our destruction. At the very least, he plots to capture us in his cavern of discouragement by... -Read More