The “Black Panther” Quote No One Is Talking About

The blockbuster Marvel superhero movie “Black Panther” is breaking all kinds of records. Rife with deeply thoughtful writing and powerfully inspiring quotes, my favorite record-breaker is that “Black Panther” is now the most Tweeted about movie of all-time[1]. There are many popular quotes covering a range of topics:   Unity “In... -Read More

“God’s Not Dead 3” Explores Decisions Under Fire

We’ve come to expect great faith-based films from Pure Flix and “God’s Not Dead 3: A Light in the Darkness” is no exception. As with the previous God’s Not Dead series, the Christian faith is under attack. What is interesting with each of these films is the attention they bring to... -Read More

Films That will Touch and Change Lives in 2018

Despite sexual allegations against some the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Hollywood seems to have no problem supporting similar behavior on the screen in their movies. Many movies in theaters today are full of vulgar language, and graphic sexual, occult and violent content. Even the latest Disney/Pixar release was focused... -Read More

“The Star” is a Humorous Family-Friendly Movie with Purpose

As the holiday season quickly gets underway, there will be several Hollywood blockbuster films, movie trailers and commercials that will create lots of interest. It’s easy for some motion pictures to be overlooked. What if there was a cartoon movie that brought both children and adults together to revisit the birth... -Read More