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Lifework Alum Helps You SQUEEZE The Most Out of Your Money

After building the very successful healthcare technology company, Mobile Help, Elias Janetis is now helping consumers squeeze the most out of their paychecks by launching a new company aptly named SQUEEZE. While both companies utilize technology to benefit others, Janetis said there’s really no intersection except that he believes both ideas... -Read More

Lifework Leadership Spurs Family Legacy

In reflecting on legacy, John Kassing, CEO of Marquis and a Lifework Leadership alumnus, said “Our children will be the living testament to who we are; they are our legacy.” His wife, Susan Kassing, a Lifework Leadership Coach and alumnus, agreed, “The most important job on the planet is parenting.” Because... -Read More

Legacy Family Businesses Build Community

“Do you remember these businesses?” a trending post asks on Facebook as readers reminisce about popular South Florida mainstays that went the way of the dinosaurs. Sustaining a business for the long haul can be daunting, and the statistics for family businesses are not particularly optimistic. “About 30 percent of all... -Read More

Time for New Year’s Financial Resolutions

We’ve reached the end of another year – which means it’s just about time for some New Year’s resolutions. Would you like to study a new language, take up a musical instrument or visit the gym more often? All these are worthy goals, of course, but why not also add some... -Read More

Collaboration: How to Boost Success in 2018

Collaboration isn’t a new idea. You see it everywhere: Spotify + Starbucks Apple + Hermes The Global Fund + Gap: “PRODUCT (RED)” GoPro + Red Bull: “Stratos” At OneHope, we recognize the value of collaboration. We’ve seen success in our partnership with Evangelism Explosion to produce a program that has trained... -Read More

Smart Financial Moves for New Parents

If you’ve just had a new baby, your life is filled with more joy (but less sleep). You’re probably already aware of the time and effort you must invest in raising your child, but you may not have thought as much about another aspect — the financial one. Consider this: The... -Read More

When Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Are you a “do-it-yourselfer”? If you can take care of home repairs, lawn work and other types of maintenance by yourself, you’ll save money and probably gain satisfaction. But you will almost certainly need some help in other areas of your life – one of which may be investing. In fact,... -Read More