Next Generation

Don’t Squander Your Summer

In our house it always feels like we come crawling into summer time like someone who just finished a marathon…one they didn’t train for. We are all absolutely exhausted but SO looking forward to a break. Dreams of a beautiful summer of family bliss dance in our heads as parents, but... -Read More

Storms Inside Me

  This winter break, I, along with 450 other student ambassadors, embarked on a ten-day expedition to Israel. It was an experience I will never forget, and even more importantly, it taught me just how important Israel is to God. In total, eleven buses were filled with college students from all... -Read More

Scotland and Marjory Stoneman Douglas

I recently invested a morning with middle school students in Dundee, Scotland. Having been welcomed into their new school, we discussed life, aspiration and faith. I told them that they could ask me any question and I would tell them the absolute truth. They wanted to know why we, in America,... -Read More

Nick Vujicic Brings Hope and Healing

“As a kid, I never thought that anything good could ever come from my broken pieces….you know, I went to school and kids would look at me and be like ‘what happened,’ and I go ‘cigarettes’ (audience laughs),” Nick Vujicic, evangelist, author, speaker, and president of Life Without Limbs, said with comic... -Read More

Is Bible Prophesy Being Fulfilled in Our Time?

There’s an item in the news that caught my attention and made me wonder if Bible prophesy is possibly being fulfilled in our time. Having written a book almost twenty years ago that compares the major views Christians hold on the return of Christ, I think we must be wary of... -Read More

Celebrating 30 Years of Reaching Children

If you grew up in the church like I did, you’re familiar with the lyrics of a sweet song often played during the altar call, when people were invited to come forward and indicate their decision to follow Christ … “I have decided to follow Jesus / No turning back, no... -Read More

“The Scarlet Thread” — A Revival Experience!

The long-awaited Christian spectacular, “The Scarlet Thread,” an original musical using local talent right here in South Florida has finally arrived. And now, after months of intense rehearsals and working at a frantic pace to produce a brand new, full-scale production, “The Scarlet Thread” is ready for its premiere curtain call... -Read More