Find a Vacation Bible School Near You

Every summer parents across the country invest in their children’s talents, social development, personal and spiritual growth at Vacation Bible School (VBS). Churches throughout South Florida have planned out a spectacular summer for children to continue growing in “wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” as Jesus did... -Read More

Rodriguez Lauds the Impact of Lifework Leadership

As a graduate of Lifework Leadership’s Inaugural class more than 10 years ago, Miguel Rodriguez, CPA, PFS, Managing Partner of Rodriguez, Kinzbrunner & Company, LLP, has witnessed firsthand the impact the Lifework program and its alumni have had on his career, personal life and in the community. Applicable in today’s marketplace,... -Read More

Beautiful Applause

“She has done a beautiful thing to me” (Mark 14:6). Their names are not even mentioned, and yet the Lord bestowed the highest praise on three women who demonstrated courage in difficult circumstances. Their ordinary lives are not memorials for us to simply admire, but to emulate, compelling us to love... -Read More

The Midwest Meets the Middle East

“Can’t wait to see snow,” was my reaction when I learned that I had to travel to Chicago on a business trip at the ripe age of 22. I took a night flight, and although cold, the drive to the hotel was pleasant. A date at the federal courthouse awaited me... -Read More

Firewall Students Serve South Florida

Firewall Centers held its Fifth Annual Serve-A-Thon on Saturday, April 28th, where over 500 Firewall students, their mentors and volunteers engaged in seven service projects throughout Broward County and learned the value of giving back. Firewall Plantation, Western and Blanche Ely High students visited three elderly care centers through Heart2Heart Outreach... -Read More

The 21-Day Slow

I typically don’t like to fast. I know it’s important, and it’s encouraged throughout the Bible. I know that there are many benefits to fasting. The clarity and focus that occurs as one intently focuses on Jesus is something supernatural. I have dear friends who fast regularly for extended times and... -Read More

The Simplicity of Systems in Life

Systems dictate behavior. Systems make your decision-making easier. The absence of systems in your life only adds to the complexity of your life. No systems — no simplicity. If your life is out of balance and hurried, then you need a system, or you need to work the system you forgot... -Read More

CCA Boys Win State Baseball Championship

Despite what seemed like an insurmountable setback, the CCA boys varsity baseball team proved that with hard work and determination anything is possible. In May of 2017, the CCA boys varsity baseball team left Hammond Stadium after a disappointing loss in FHSAA 4A State Semifinals. The defeat was difficult to swallow.... -Read More

A Life Well Lived

 This graduation season is filled with young lives full of potential and a bright future. However, life is tough. The challenge is to achieve the hope within that young heart as you age through the seasons of life. The goal – a life well lived. The opposite is a life of... -Read More

Don’t Squander Your Summer

In our house it always feels like we come crawling into summer time like someone who just finished a marathon…one they didn’t train for. We are all absolutely exhausted but SO looking forward to a break. Dreams of a beautiful summer of family bliss dance in our heads as parents, but... -Read More