How Do I Raise A Kid of Conscience?

Webster’s Dictionary defines conscience as, “the sense or consciousness of the moral goodness or blameworthiness of one’s own conduct, intentions or character together with a feeling of obligation to do right or be good.” The development of a consistent value system is the foundation for our decisions, for our sensitivity to... -Read More

Pro-Life Campaigns Celebrate Lives Saved

Three local 40 Days for Life campaigns joined March 2 to celebrate the mid-point of the life-saving initiative, observed Feb. 14 to March 25 in 47 nations. But the gathering for food and fellowship had more to rejoice over than just hitting the halfway mark of the 40-day period of prayer... -Read More

Legacy Family Businesses Build Community

“Do you remember these businesses?” a trending post asks on Facebook as readers reminisce about popular South Florida mainstays that went the way of the dinosaurs. Sustaining a business for the long haul can be daunting, and the statistics for family businesses are not particularly optimistic. “About 30 percent of all... -Read More

Five Reasons Camps are a Must for Every Child

  Unlike the traditional classroom setting or family weekend get-away, summer enrichment programs and camps present unique opportunities for your child to mature from a state of parental dependency toward healthy self-efficacy, developing the necessary grit to live a life worthy of their calling. In short: summer enrichment programs and camps... -Read More

No Home Here

 The successful businessman married the peasant maid much to the disdain of his family and friends, and soon thereafter I was born. He passed five years later, which led my mom and I to leave the country and move to the U.S. Several years later, my mom married a man lacking... -Read More

Embracing A Pro-ABUNDANT-Life Viewpoint

  As the President/CEO of Hope Women’s Centers, you might find it surprising for me to say that it’s time for the pro-life community to move beyond focusing on saving unborn babies. Now, don’t panic – I believe that saving babies is a noble, God-honoring cause, but pro-life pregnancy centers have... -Read More

Eight Strategies to Strengthen Your Marriage

Recently, our community experienced the outer bands of Hurricane Irma. Though we didn’t suffer a direct hit, as expected, we spent the days before the storm preparing for the winds and rain that were threatening our homes and families. I began to wonder, “Do we spend the same amount of intentional... -Read More

Good News Wants to Know

During this holiday season, we continue our conversation with community and business leaders who are impacting South Florida in profound ways. We want you to get to know them on a more personal level. So this month, Good News Wants to Know… What was your most meaningful Christmas memory or present?... -Read More