Active Faith

College Football in Hebrew?

My wife Angie and I recently watched the College Football National Championship in Hebrew. That’s right, Kirk Herbstreit’s voice was covered over with Hebrew color commentary. To many, the Alabama-Georgia game was already of a biblical proportion, but the added Old Testament feel was certainly interesting. My wife and I are... -Read More

Beachside Church Hosts Wine Study and Bible Tasting

If your reaction to this title was one of “Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?” you’re not alone. It implores one to search deeper into what this is all about, which is exactly what the man behind this initiative – Rev. Dr. Marcos Van Dorn – hopes you’ll do. Being one of those... -Read More

Looking at Time a Little Differently

Time can definitely fly. Time can seemingly slow down. Time can easily get wasted. Time is often relied upon to do something it has absolutely no ability to do. Time, in no way, shape, or form, can “heal all wounds.” I know we hear that often, but such a cliché is... -Read More


“Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 124:8). Heavy-hearted and under siege, we hunker down and hide, fearful of the onslaught from the enemy intent on our destruction. At the very least, he plots to capture us in his cavern of discouragement by... -Read More

New Beginnings

I think you would agree, there is something quite special about the gift of new beginnings God gives to us. Of course, each day is a new beginning where God gives to us the opportunity to live life in a way that brings greater glory to Him than we did the... -Read More

#Prayer Works

Lately there seem to be more social media posts claiming “prayers don’t work.” Perhaps this is in light of all the terrorist attacks and mass murders taking place. It is especially ironic when dozens or even hundreds of people are gunned down while at their church or mosque worshipping God. The... -Read More

Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication

Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday celebrated in close proximity with Christmas, is a festival celebrated from December 12- 20 this year. The festival is older than Christmas as it has been celebrated since the times of the Maccabees about 200 years before Jesus’ birth. Hanukkah is celebrated all over the world by... -Read More

Redeeming the Stuff of Christmas

I love the word “stuff.” It’s one of those words that just seems to do its job well and even sounds right. It communicates a kind of mass and bare existence but nothing of significance, purpose or value. A library has books, a living room has furniture and a laundry room... -Read More

The Messy Side of Christmas

Over the objections of my fellow workers, I start playing Christmas music in the office in October. Some Christmas music immediately brings me back to special moments as a boy in wintery Michigan. Christmas is a very special season to me. I know that Christmas has been hijacked by mass marketing,... -Read More

Good News Celebrates Our Faith Leaders

As South Florida comes alive with white lights on Palm trees, boat parades, Christmas pageants and carols, we felt it only appropriate to recognize the faith leaders who offer hope, encouragement and spiritual support to our community throughout the year. If you do not already have a place of worship, we... -Read More