American Girl Fashion Show Benefits Ronald McDonald House

More than $5,000 was raised to benefit Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Charities of South Florida during an American Girl Fashion Show on October 12 at Parrot Jungle Island in Miami. Attended by over 500 people, the event showcased historical and contemporary fashions for girls and their dolls. It also featured an... -Read More

Fall Fashion Guide

Ah, fall! The first crisp chill in the air, the sunset hues of falling leaves and the whiff of pumpkin-scented everything! But wait, this is Florida. And while the temperatures are cooling from sizzling 100s to balmy 80s, there is no need to reach for heavy fabrics just yet. We can... -Read More

Fit & Function: Finding the Perfect Jeans

For almost 150 years, blue jeans have been a casual, functional go-to for the working man and woman. Invented by Levi Strauss during the gold rush in California, blue jeans were created to be comfortable and long-lasting work pants. Today, jeans are styled for all occasions and in different types of... -Read More

Dressing for Your Body Type

So many women live their lives envying other women’s body types  while hating their own. When you learn to embrace your own curves (or lack thereof) and dress for your body type, confidence inevitably follows. There are four main body shapes: hourglass, triangle, circle and rectangle. Women with each of these... -Read More

Products with a Purpose

Charities have been around for ages, but there is a movement in the non-profit sector that is stepping away from the basic model of aid. Instead, these organizations are combining social justice with relevant products for the betterment of individuals in developing nations. Started largely by twenty-somethings who wanted to work... -Read More

Classic Trends for Summer

There are certain pieces of clothing that scream summer. These particular pieces have become iconic hot-weather items, harkening to mornings at the farmer’s market, days at the beach and evenings at the local ice cream truck. These five summer classics are must-haves for any wardrobe, both for men and women. As... -Read More

10 Tips On How to Dress Like a Man

While running shoes are great for a vigorous workout, there is really no need for these shoes to be worn beyond that. For casual situations, moccasins or canvas shoes (think Vans or Converse) work well. A pair of leather shoes, especially in a caramel-y brown (so they can be paired with... -Read More

What Your Personal Style Says About You

Every person in this world has a unique story, something to share with the world. We often share this story through words, telling of experiences and sharing anecdotes, and some people even write down what they’ve been through. Other people stuff their stories away, trying to appear as neutral and “normal”... -Read More

From the Runway to Your Closet

Fashion weeks have ended in cities around the globe and many are left wondering how to translate what was shown on the runways into everyday, wearable outfits. Runway shows display dramatic frills and fabrics, giving a preview of what is to hit stores in the upcoming seasons. Yet it is often... -Read More

Modest is Hottest

In this “anything goes” culture, where tunic tops are now accepted as dresses and leggings as pants, it can be difficult to discern what is appropriate for a Christian woman to wear. Biblically based values stand in stark contrast against a lot of what is sold in stores today. Yet it... -Read More