Dig Deep

The Prayer of Prayers

Prayer is difficult. Prayer doesn’t come easy. Thankfully, Jesus knows this, and like any good friend or mentor, Jesus steps in to help. When his disciples were finding prayer hard, Jesus taught them a way to pray that has become known as “The Lord’s Prayer,” not because Jesus prayed it himself,... -Read More

City Changers Empowers the Church to Impact Communities

 Alan Platt, chief architect of Church United in South Florida, and leader of the global Doxa Deo Church and the City Changers Movement begun in South Africa, has authored a brand new book, released by David C. Cook publishers, entitled City Changers. What follows are Alan’s thoughts and an excerpt from... -Read More

New Beginnings

I think you would agree, there is something quite special about the gift of new beginnings God gives to us. Of course, each day is a new beginning where God gives to us the opportunity to live life in a way that brings greater glory to Him than we did the... -Read More

Dense Fog

A number of years ago I remember going through a drought. I define a drought as a struggle to find meaning and purpose in what I was doing. The days seemed to drag into each other and everything in my life appeared to be laborious. I had lost energy for anything.... -Read More

Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication

Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday celebrated in close proximity with Christmas, is a festival celebrated from December 12- 20 this year. The festival is older than Christmas as it has been celebrated since the times of the Maccabees about 200 years before Jesus’ birth. Hanukkah is celebrated all over the world by... -Read More

The Messy Side of Christmas

Over the objections of my fellow workers, I start playing Christmas music in the office in October. Some Christmas music immediately brings me back to special moments as a boy in wintery Michigan. Christmas is a very special season to me. I know that Christmas has been hijacked by mass marketing,... -Read More

Revelation Ministries Plans Christmas Performances and Trip to Israel

Revelation Ministries, a Christian performing arts group from Southeast Florida, has announced its Christmas performance schedule of “The Gospel According to Scrooge” and plans for a major mission trip to the Middle East this summer. The news comes following the passing of the organization’s founder and executive director, Travis Johnson. Johnson... -Read More

Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

“Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving… The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me” (Psalm 50:14, 23 ESV). This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, so I would like to give you a word of encouragement that is rooted in the words of the psalmist above, as well as in... -Read More

Time: A Reflection

When younger, most people don’t give much thought to time. It seems to be unlimited, and we don’t have a concern about running out of it. Eventually we cross a line in time when our mortality confronts us. We realize we have less time in front of us than behind us.... -Read More

Is Bible Prophesy Being Fulfilled in Our Time?

There’s an item in the news that caught my attention and made me wonder if Bible prophesy is possibly being fulfilled in our time. Having written a book almost twenty years ago that compares the major views Christians hold on the return of Christ, I think we must be wary of... -Read More