Fall Fashion Guide

Fall Fashion GuideAh, fall! The first crisp chill in the air, the sunset hues of falling leaves and the whiff of pumpkin-scented everything! But wait, this is Florida. And while the temperatures are cooling from sizzling 100s to balmy 80s, there is no need to reach for heavy fabrics just yet. We can still, however, look attractive and pulled-together as we embrace the season. Fall style is all about polish, sophistication and classic comfort. Here are this fall’s top seven trends for ladies and gentlemen.

For ladies:

1. Bold outerwear
For jackets and – on the rare occasion – coats, go big or go home. Experiment with colors, lengths and textures. Balance out your ensemble by keeping everything else simple. For instance, try a bold, cropped jacket with a lace-edged camisole and a maxi skirt.

2. Learn to layer
Again, the key here is equilibrium. Mix heavier fabrics with sheer, light pieces. Experiment with textures from the smooth, cool feel of leather to the tactile, nubby texture of knits. Dress up your shorts with a bright jacket, fitted top and heels.

3. Prints, please!
Houndstooth is all the rage this season for both genders, as is plaid. Why? Because classic style doesn’t die. The effect is a polished, neutral look that can be mixed with assertive colors. Animal prints are still acceptable. Use them in accessories to highlight your look rather than for your overall ensemble.

4. Arm(y) yourself
Military colors and style are bigger than ever this season because they pair so well with other colors and styles. For ladies, keep the style girly and playful by adding ruffles or looking for pieces that incorporate lace or peplum.

5. Play with peplum
One of the most ladylike styles to grace the runway in a long time is still going strong. This uber-feminine accent is very flattering indeed, defining the waist and adding curves to boyish figures. Pair a peplum blouse with skinny pants or a silky blouse with a peplum skirt.

6. Color it up
While cooler weather often signals dark and dignified colors, have a little fun this fall. Emerald green is definitely the color of the season. Pair it with classic, soft grays and charcoal. The rule of no white after Labor Day is passé. Wear winter white or pastels to keep your outfit refreshing and light.

7. Put a cap on it
Hats are back and will land a polished and sophisticated air to your outfit. Embrace any style from fedoras to beanies and knits.

For guys only:
1. Statement scarves
It may be hot enough for T-shirts and shorts, but for the occasionally chilly evening, don a scarf for a classy finish. The key is to go big and bold with distinct textures and daring patterns.

2. Cool in camo
Go ahead! Don those camo pants. Or flak jacket. Or cap. Now is the season for them. For those less daring, “deconstructed” interpretations that use the pattern and colors sparingly abound.

3. Burgundy may be the new black
Stow away those black accessories (except maybe the leather; you’ll need those!). Burgundy is the statement color of the season for men. It’s classic. It’s mature. And it will coordinate well with many standard pieces. Slip into a pair of burgundy shoes for work or be more daring with a fitted burgundy jacket for an evening out. Hats and ties are also great ways to weave in the color.

4. Leather weather
While burgundy may be the color of the season, black leather remains a staple. Edge it up with a moto jacket, fitted tee and jeans, or create a more streamlined effect with pieces that use leather as an accent.

5. Clad in plaid
Plaid is big and for guys, it’s bold. Move away from subtle, dark lines and go for more daring color combinations like the Prince of Wales pattern.

6. Pack it up
A great way to add a point of interest to your outfit and perhaps haul some extra stuff – like an iPad or portfolio – is a backpack or satchel. Go for something military-inspired or more sophisticated like camel-colored leather. Wear it like a boss!

7. A cuff is as good as a hem
We are still in hurricane season, after all. So, in case of rain and likely flooding – this is Florida – go ahead and cuff those pants and pair with strong, sturdy-heeled shoes. Wear straight-legged rather than skinny pants to keep the look masculine.

Whatever your ensemble, remember that fall fashion is structured and assertive. It is classy but also earthy and comfortable. Incorporating a few of the elements listed here will help you become a model of style and refinement!

Keisha McDonnough is a research analyst and writer. A Jamaican native and South Florida resident, she is passionate about poetry and vow writing. Check out her website at everaftervows.com or email her at [email protected]

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