From the Runway to Your Closet

Fashion weeks have ended in cities around the globe and many are left wondering how to translate what was shown on the runways into everyday, wearable outfits.

Runway shows display dramatic frills and fabrics, giving a preview of what is to hit stores in the upcoming seasons. Yet it is often difficult to pull understated outfits from runway presentations.

Outfits shown on the runway are often exaggerated versions of the style they are portraying. When taking a cue from these fashions, choose only one piece to portray at a time, so as not to overwhelm the outfit.

Instead of wearing a highly patterned dress with a chunky knit infinity scarf and knee-high boots, choose just one piece and let that be the focal point of the outfit. Having too many things to focus on in an outfit can end up looking sloppy in the real world.

It is generally better to pull an idea from a runway look as opposed to wearing a literal version of what is seen. On the runway, pieces are too over-the-top for daily wear, so using the idea of an animal print in a cute pair of heels instead of wearing a leopard-print evening gown is a much more practical interpretation of the style.

In the same way, looking at color palettes and fabrics instead of the actual clothing items can be beneficial. Colors and fabrics are very much a translation of the season represented, so wearing them in a mode that suits personal style will give longevity to the look.

Occasionally, however, it is fun to spice up staple pieces with a literal take on a runway piece. When it is just one item with an otherwise personalized and classic wardrobe, it adds a modern, high fashion look to an everyday wardrobe.

There are several wearable trends this season. Mid-length skirts, especially with pleats, are very chic. These can take some getting used to, as they hit at a different part of the leg than many women are used to, but paired with the right shoes they can be stunning. Bright colors are also very in, especially in shades of orange. When choosing a bright and bold color it is best to keep the shape simple so that the piece has focus. Tie-neck blouses give instant class to any outfit. They can be paired with anything from jeans to pencil skirts and are appropriate for almost any occasion; the versatility of these tops makes them an instant go-to piece. And hats, from floppy felt to wool fedora, are always a good idea and can give life and personality to any outfit.

Taking a cue from these ideas and mixing them with one’s personal style can liven up a wardrobe. For those who want to make a statement with trendy, bold pieces of clothing, but don’t know how, looking at street fashion blogs can lend some inspiration. Scott Schuman is a street photographer who captures outfits of people around the world on his website, The Sartorialist. He documents how people are wearing trends and creating their own as he travels around the world.

Sites like Schuman’s offer insight into how to put an outfit together or the best way to wear a certain trend.

Straight runway trends are not practical or relatable, but finding a balance between statement pieces and classic staples gives a wardrobe flair and class. The most important part of wearing any outfit is how it makes a person feel. Figuring out what cuts and styles work best for one’s body is essential. Beyond that, exuding confidence will go a long way. When a person is confident everything they do looks very intentional, including their clothing, and people don’t question it. Wear clothes without fear. People may stare, but they’re probably just wishing they could be so bold.

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