Classic Trends for Summer

There are certain pieces of clothing that scream summer. These particular pieces have become iconic hot-weather items, harkening to mornings at the farmer’s market, days at the beach and evenings at the local ice cream truck. These five summer classics are must-haves for any wardrobe, both for men and women. As the weather heats up, these pieces will bring variety to a summer wardrobe and keep their wearer looking and feeling cool.

The sailor stripe shirt
The most classic version of this shirt is a blue and white, three-quarter length sleeve, boat-neck style. These shirts first became iconic when Coco Chanel borrowed the look from French sailors. They have been a summer staple ever since, bringing the wearer the look of a day at the seaside. Stripes can be worn with almost anything, but look especially great with khaki bottoms. Frankly, any version of the blue and white stripe, from bathing suits and dresses to sweaters and shorts, screams summer. Nautical styles are quintessential summer fare, and are effortlessly fresh and chic.

Straw hats
Whether at the farmers market or out working in the garden, a straw hat is the perfect way to make an outfit feel more summery. They come in many different styles and shapes, from the big, floppy sun hat, the classic Anne of Green Gables style, a flat-brimmed Kentucky Derby type or just a fedora. Hats like these are also perfect for protecting one’s face from the sun and have a way of pulling together an outfit.

Chino shorts
These cotton-twill bottoms are a versatile summer necessity. Found in numerous colors and lengths, they can easily be dressed up or down and the fabric is breathable yet durable. They are classier than the Daisy Duke jean short cut-offs, and can easily be paired with a T-shirt or blazer. These shorts effortlessly follow wherever summer leads.

Espadrille shoes
A casual summer style that can be worn from the city to the beach, these shoes have rope soles and a canvas or cotton upper. The rope can be seen just a bit from the side of the shoe, and the upper can be found in any number of colors and patterns. These shoes are light and breathable and both men and women can wear this style. Women can also find this style in wedges for a chic, dressier summer look. Espadrilles give a beachy vibe, and due to their material, are generally on the inexpensive end of shoe styles, allowing the wearer to buy them in numerous colors and patterns.

White shirt and pants
There’s nothing lighter and airier than white. Whether in a crisp button-down or a pair of lightweight pants, white is summer’s best friend. A white button-down keeps the look classy on top while the light color doesn’t attract the sun’s hot rays, so things stay cool. Women can achieve a chic tomboy look when pairing these shirts with boyfriend-style shorts. White pants, whether in a light linen or a more formal fabric, give a dressier look without having to wear a dress or skirt, and can balance a look when paired with a tank-top. They pair well with summer patterns and can be dressed up with heels or grounded with the aforementioned espadrilles. Not only is white crisp and fresh, but it pairs perfectly with bright colors and patterns to make an outfit even more summery.

The above pieces are not only classic, but bring a bit more variety to a summer wardrobe than the shorts and tank-top look that is easy to gravitate toward in the hot summer months. These pieces can be worn in many different settings and situations and are a classy way to face the heat.

What is your “go-to” summer style? Is there one staple you must have in your closet when summertime rolls around? We want to know! Email the Good News at: [email protected]

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